3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Operating a Forklift

a box on a forklift

If you’re a forklift operator, you’ll know the reasons why so many people become subject to workplace injuries every year. The primary cause of these injuries is forklift drivers’ negligence and the mistakes they make while operating a forklift. Here are some common mistakes every forklift operator must avoid.

a box on a forklift

Not Knowing Its Load Capacity

One of the most dangerous mistakes you can make while operating a forklift is performing essential tasks without having sufficient knowledge and understanding of its load capacity. Every forklift can carry a specific amount of weight of objects. Therefore, it’s critical to understand how its load capacity works and ensure that you meet this requirement.

Going over the forklift’s load capacity can significantly put the forklift’s balance and your safety in danger. Furthermore, it can damage fragile materials, leading to significant company losses.

Having Poor Communication

Communication is an essential part of operating a forklift. All forklift operators and drivers must always keep their supervisors’ instructions in mind to ensure they’re performing their tasks accurately.

However, if you decide to take things into your own hands instead of employing good communication skills, it can affect your work performance, the forklift’s efficiency, and other workers’ safety during work hours.

Driving with Inadequate Training

The most hazardous mistake one can make while operating a forklift is doing so without proper training and certification. Forklifts are dangerous vehicles that must be dealt with care by qualified and certified operators.

You are likely to put yourself and others at the risk of being injured without having forklift training or a licence to drive it. Therefore, if you’re interested in a job that involves forklift operation, the first thing you must do is getting forklift training and certification as soon as possible.

An extensive forklift training is the best way to avoid the mistakes discussed above. If you’re looking for a reliable forklift training institution in the UK, check out our training sessions and courses at RS Forklift Training Birmingham. We’re one of the best forklift training centres in the UK, known for our trainees’ 97 per cent pass level and guaranteed employment after training completion and certification.

Our courses include a Forklift refresher course, Counterbalance lift truck training,  Forklift novice course, Pedestrian Pallet truck course, Bendi lift truck training course, Scissors lift training course, Reach truck refresher course, and more. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about our courses and financing options available for you to afford them.

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