3 Reasons Why Professional Forklift Training is Important

If you work in a warehouse or in construction, enrolling in a forklift training course is a great career move. Your forklift certification will add a skill that is demanded by countless employers who want trained people to operate forklifts in the workplace. Our forklift training in Birmingham with our highly trained forklift instructors will teach you all you need to know about operating forklifts in just a few days’ time.

Here are 3 reasons why professional forklift training is important if you want to advance your career as a worker.

1. Firms across the UK require forklift operators

Forklift operators are in high demand across companies in the UK. The pandemic has put many people out of work as their companies have scaled back their operations, but due to the boom in online shopping, many warehouses across the country require increasing numbers of forklift operators in order to keep up with their growing business. Forklift jobs are also quite well paid. Forklift certification from an accredited forklift training course in West Midlands will help you get a job as a forklift operator with any company in the country.

2. Forklift training courses will help you stay safe at your workplace

The skills you learn in a forklift training course will help you stay safe at your workplace and avoid accidents that can happen if an uncertified worker handles a forklift. Untrained forklift operators are far more likely to make mistakes that will result in falls, forklift tip-overs, and other such accidents. Such accidents can put a forklift operator and their colleagues at work at risk and may even cause fatal injuries. Forklift accidents in warehouses can also result in legal trouble both for the worker who caused the accident as well as the company they work for. If charged and penalized for neglecting safety standards at work, you may find that you are barred from ever operating a forklift in the future.

Forklift certification will give you the necessary skills you need to ensure safety standards are being met at the workplace. You will also make yourself indispensable to your employer if you can safely operate a forklift.

3. Diversify your resume

Forklift training courses in West Midlands will help you diversify your resume and find employment in different places, including warehouses, docks, in building and maintenance work, and for special events when organizations need to hire forklift operators to set up a venue for a gala or fundraiser.

Join a forklift training course near you

If you wish to receive forklift certification from an accredited forklift training centre in the UK, sign up for a professional forklift training course with us at RS Forklift Training. We’re an RTITB accredited forklift training provider in the UK and offer a range of different forklift training courses in West Midlands, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Leicester, and other cities. Contact us on our website to book your course.


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