3 Tips for Maintaining Warehouse Temperature during Winter

If you’re a warehouse owner and manager, there’s a lot you have to do during winters. Among these tasks, additional forklift maintenance and warehouse temperature management are the two most critical parts.

Warehouse temperature must be warranted at an optimum level. This ensures material, equipment, vehicle, and personnel safety. By providing a consistent warehouse temperature, you can significantly improve overall productivity and workers’ comfort. Warehouse managers need to create a relaxing and protective environment for forklift operators.

During the winter season, warehouse workers may have to deal with condensation or low humidity levels. Such frigidity during the cold season can lead to workers’ unproductivity and can increase the risk of accidents.

In this blog, our forklift training experts at the RS Forklift Training in Birmingham have shared three efficacious tips to optimize warehouse temperature.

1.   Improve the Door Quality

The air flow inside and outside a warehouse can significantly impact equipment and vehicle operations related to material management. As a warehouse manager, you need to minimize airflow and control humidity levels.

However, there can be different ways to make your warehouse environment comfortable and productivity-inducing for the employees. Each employee must be trained about the door opening and closing time limits. Accurate signs should be placed across the warehouse to notify pedestrians and workers about temperature optimization. In addition to adequate forklift training and awareness generation, warehouse managers must also invest in functional and energy-friendly warehouse doors to ensure maximum weather protection.

2.   Assess the HVAC

HVAC experts must be hired to assess and monitor the internal heating and cooling system inside a warehouse. The space must be sectioned into different parts if they require different temperature levels. What’s more, based on temperature zones, HVAC systems must be evaluated to ensure a safe environment for product storage and for equipment operation.

2.   Educate Your Workers

There’s nothing better than employee awareness and training when it comes to warehouse management in cold weather. Employees must be trained by professional forklift trainers in Birmingham. This will enable them to understand and recognize signs of weather damage in material and equipment.

Employees must also be trained about wearing proper PPE and taking necessary precautions during forklift operations. Providing the right gear to tackle temperature fluctuations can be very beneficial for employee performance.

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