5 Ways to Ensure the Safety of Loading Docks

A worker loading cargo boxes at the loading dock

Working on loading docks can be dangerous for employees as it poses various safety hazards, which is why proper forklift and onsite training are crucial. The space can be made safe and work-friendly using some simple strategies.

Experts agree that dock collapses have caused thousands of deaths and injuries in the past decade. As employers inspect the safety and reliability of their new or old dock, they need to adopt a few strategies that will help them ensure the safety of their employees and cargo.

For industries that deal with material handling, safety is one of the top priorities. Especially when it comes to loading docks, extra attention should be paid as heavy goods and moving equipment make the space hazardous for workers.

Ensure Proper Lifting Procedures

Irresponsible handling and lifting of loads is the top reason for mishaps on the loading dock. Proper operating through forklift training and other machinery is crucial to success. Ensure that the heavy loads are at the bottom and all the cargo is properly secured.

Instruct your workers to work in pairs or groups and avoid lifting loads alone. While lifting, ensure that your knees and back are straight to prevent any injury. Use gloves and other gear to minimize risks.

Be Aware of Hazards

You must assess your surroundings for potential hazards. Slippery or uneven surfaces, unsecured dock plates, wheels, gases from trucks, and improper use of forklifts are all hazards that you need to be mindful about.

Keep the Floor in proper Condition

The floors of your loading dock must be clean and free of any spills to ensure safety. Dispose of all the garbage efficiently and keep all the containers, tools, and other equipment in the walking area.

Dock Plates

Always slide dock plates into place and secure them into position to avoid any accidents. Also, check the dock plate capacity to ensure they can handle the load.

Secure the Edges

Sharp edges that are exposed can cause injuries to workers. Secure all the edges with padding to minimize such mishaps.

A loading and unloading area with red steel equipment

Properly trained Employees

Only OSHA-trained and authorized employees can operate heavy machinery. This is to ensure everyone is safe and working within the government regulations.

Regular Maintenance

From forklifts to dock plates, everything needs to be monitored. All such components should be regularly inspected and maintained.

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