6 Common Forklift Safety Hazards to Avoid

6 Common Forklift Safety Hazards to Avoid

Forklift attachments can change the forklift’s centre of gravity, which means the forklift truck could behave differently.

It’s important to make sure the attachment is connected to the forklift truck safely and securely and in line with manufacturer’s guidance. This should be checked regularly.

Fuel used to power forklift trucks can be dangerous if mishandled. Fuels are typically flammable and combustible gas can be a by-product of forklift truck battery charging.

Poor ventilation around fuels and a charging environment can lead to a build-up of dangerous gases that may cause harm to humans, or pose a create a risk of explosion or fire.

Operating a forklift truck around pedestrians can require careful operating and constant monitoring of your position and who and what could be between you and where you’re trying to get to.

Particular care should be taken when:
– Driving in reverse
– Driving in narrow places
– Where visibility is poor
– In high-traffic areas

A blind spot can be created where the load obscures the operator’s view of the area around them. When this is a risk, it’s important to draw upon your knowledge and experience of the forklift truck and how it moves

It’s important to always be on the lookout for:

– Uneven and damaged flooring
– Spillages and unexpected obstacles
– Ramps and inclines

Turning should never be done on an incline.

Before lifting any load, you should know:

– The weight of the load
– How the weight is spread across the load
– The maximum capacity of your forklift truck
– Whether the load contains hazardous materials

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