A Guide to the Best Places for Professional Forklift Training in the UK

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Forklift training by an accredited forklift training provider is a professional requirement for all forklift operators who wish to work in the UK. At RS Forklift Training, we are an RTITB accredited forklift training provider. We offer forklift training courses for new and experienced forklift operators in many cities across the UK, including Birmingham, Coventry, West Midlands, Wolverhampton, and Warwickshire.

If you’re looking to enroll in a professional forklift training course near you, here is a complete guide to the best places for forklift training in the UK.

Forklift training in Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the United Kingdom’s biggest cities in terms of size and GDP and is considered a commercial and cultural hub in West Midlands. A sizeable portion of Birmingham’s economy comprises the service sector, including jobs in public administration, education, and healthcare. Many factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants are located here, leading to a large number of forklift operators who live in the city.

Our forklift training centre in Birmingham is considered one of the best in the country. Located in the city centre, it is based in a convenient location for you to access.

Forklift training in Coventry

Coventry is the UK’s 12th largest city known for being a manufacturing hub. In fact, the UK’s first bicycle was made here. We offer forklift training in Coventry with our highly qualified forklift instructors. Our trainees go on to find lucrative jobs as forklift operators with businesses across the UK. Depending on which is more convenient for you, we provide both on-site and in-centre forklift training. For on-site training, you can pick a location of your choice.

Forklift training in Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton in West Midlands is known across the UK for its booming economy with thousands of jobs in coal mining, the steel industry, the automobile industry, and so on. In the engineering sector, the steady growth of businesses has led to increased demand for forklift operators in factories and warehouses. At RS Forklift Training, our highly qualified instructors have trained countless forklift operators in Wolverhampton for over 20 years through our RTITB accredited forklift training courses.

If you are a novice who has never operated a forklift before, we offer novice training courses spread over 3-5 days to help you learn all there is to know about driving a forklift

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Where can I find professional forklift training programs near me?

If you want to enroll in a professional forklift training course in Birmingham, sign up for forklift training with us RS Forklift Training. We’re an RTITB accredited forklift training provider in the UK, offering a range of forklift training courses with our highly qualified forklift training instructors in Birmingham, West Midlands, Coventry, Leicester, and other cities. Contact us on our website to book your course by paying a small deposit.


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