A Quick Look at Forklift Driver Job Description

A forklift operator sign

Forklift operators are an essential part of any commercial or construction project. They ensure materials are safely transported from one place to another. Meanwhile, they also ensure workplace safety and timely task completions to reduce project downtimes.

A forklift parked at a commercial site

Forklift operators must have adequate RTITB accredited forklift training and certifications. They must be able to understand potential forklift pitfalls and how to avoid them.

If you’re looking for a qualified and skilled forklift operator, this blog can help you attract the right individual.

Forklift Driver Job Requirements

Before starting to look for a forklift operator, here are all the requirements you must list down:

  • X number of years’ experience, relevant to the job’s intensity
  • The operator must have keen attention to detail
  • They should have good knowledge about forklift hardware and maintenance practices
  • They’re physically fit to operate a complex machine like a forklift
  • Good communication skills coupled with the ability to take orders and follow instructions
  • Adequate forklift training certifications from a UK-Based RTITB accredited forklift training company
  • Must bear a high school diploma and possess good interpersonal skills

Why Forklift Training is Essential for Forklift Operators

As an aspiring forklift operator, proper training and certifications are necessary for you to ensure fast career advancement. At RS Forklift Training, our novice, experienced, and refresher forklift training courses are designed for operators with zero experience.

A forklift operator sign

Moreover, forklift training reduces accidents, fatalities, and workplace injuries. Employers should hire a certified forklift trainer to enhance employee security and proficiency.

Forklift Driver Duties

Forklift operators must be able to perform all the following tasks:

  • Detect faults in a forklift before starting the ignition.
  • They should report to a supervisor about safety concerns, potential damages, and faulty equipment.
  • Properly load and unload of bulky material
  • Store products and stack them properly in a warehouse
  • Safely transport goods from a warehouse to distribution centres Deliver products within given deadlines
  • Correctly categorize, pack, wrap, and label products
  • Load goods on the forklift while complying with safety and weight requirements
  • Make sure the forklift is clean and working properly to bear the weight of steel, wood, and other bulky materials
  • Perform troubleshooting, timely oil, refuel, and recharge the equipment components

RS Forklift Training is Fully RTITB Accredited

Companies looking to train their employees can contact RS Forklift Training right away. Our comprehensive forklift training modules include counterbalance and reach tests.

At RS Forklift Training, we offer beginners, intermediate, and expert level courses that go beyond basic training. Untrained workers pose a direct threat to workplace safety.

A counterbalance forklift is used for loading, unloading, and moving goods. In contrast, a reach forklift is widely used in warehouses where goods are transported through narrow aisles.

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