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Birmingham, UK – March 4th, 2022: The logistics and warehousing industry in the UK has been growing rapidly. The sector came to a halt due to the pandemic but quickly bounced back once the intensity of infections plummeted. The rise in production and transportation demands have led to a significant increase in forklifting requirements.

However, many businesses tend to ignore the importance of forklift operational safety. According to the reports, close to 24% of the total forklift accidents occur in the manufacturing and production industry. Moreover, the fatality and injury statistics due to unsafe forklift operations at mining sites have also been increasing over the last few years. While accidents are a part of forklift operations, they can be prevented by implementing corrective measures.

RS Forklift Training is a leading forklift training institute in Birmingham, UK. The training centre has been a source of indispensable forklift education services in Western Midland. Aspiring and seasoned forklift operators and workers look up to RS Forklift Training’s RTITB accredited services for career advancement. In an effort to help candidates master forklift management skills, RS Forklift Training offers comprehensive forklift training in the UK. The institute’s RTITB accredited instructors offer a one-day refresher course, a 3-day experiential training course, and a 5-day novice training course.

Talking about forklift safety, a senior trainer at RS Forklift Training said, “Awareness about basic forklift operations is essential to ensure workplace safety. If your forklift personnel cannot detect problems in the equipment, the risk of accidents increases significantly. At RS Forklift Training, our main focus is on improving operators’ ability to control and balance forklifts. By avoiding blind spots and ensuring maximum ground safety, forklift accident risk can be reduced, and workplace accidents can be prevented.”

Forklift controls include various different factors such as load management, weight capacity improvement, visibility, and floor plan enhancement. At RS Forklift Training, workers and operators get to learn about forklift best practices and safety benefits. While forklift drivers need to have licenses to get a job, businesses mustn’t ignore the criticality of additional training.

“Our forklift training programmes are diverse. We believe that customer is the king, and therefore, our programmes are designed to provide maximum convenience. Businesses can book group or individual forklift training courses at RS Forklift Training as a part of their employee development programmes. Our training modules include a 1-day refresher course, 3-days experience training, 5-days novice training, Bendi truck training, and more. What’s more, we also help trainees prepare for their job interviews and assessments. Our on-site forklift training courses have proven extremely successful in the UK. From Walsall to Birmingham, our RTITB accredited instructors have trained thousands of forklift operators and managers,” the senior trainer added.

Forklift switch and stability are probably some of the most critical aspects of driving the material movement vehicle. Forklift operators don’t just have to keep tabs on the milieu and environs. They have to identify and rectify performance issues on a daily basis. Forklifts are highly manoeuvrable. They can be easily deployed in narrow as well as wide aisles. However, forklifts can be very dangerous if their operators aren’t trained well. At RS Forklift Training, professional, on-site forklift training also teaches individuals about safe loading practices. It highlights the importance of sticking to manufacturers’ guides when it comes to loading and unloading the forks.

RS Forklift Training offers easy-to-afford forklift training services to help businesses stay compliant with codes and regulations. The institute’s forklift training also enables workers to optimize their mental and physical comfort when driving a forklift. This leads to a safer work environment in which workers are well-adapted and informed about the dangers and hazards of forklift operations.

On completion of forklift training programmes, trainees are provided completion certificates. These are different from forklift driving licenses. While there’s no specific expiration date on a forklift training certificate, individuals may need to update their know-how periodically. This is where RS Forklift Training’s one-day refresher course can help. Operators with forklift licenses who haven’t received formal training can benefit from RS Forklift Training’s corrective tuition services. Their courses not only offer theoretical education, but also enable workers to understand and improve their legislative and pragmatic knowledge.

“There are three main things we absolutely never compromise on Accreditation, safety, and professionalism. Our forklift training institute offers excellent beginner, novice, and expert level forklift training courses with an option of weekend and weekday morning or afternoon classes. What’s more, by availing RS Forklift Training’s services, you can also enjoy special discounts on beginner and novice forklift training in Midland. Our qualified team of forklift instructors in the UK can help you optimize your workforce expertise and polish their on-site forklifting skills.” The senior trainer continued.

In addition to Birmingham, the institute also offers forklift training and instructor certification courses in Walsall, Coventry, Shirley, and many other locations across Midland.

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