Best Practices for Efficaciously Operating and Managing Forklifts

No matter which material handling equipment you use, there’s always a high risk of workplace accidents and injuries. Material movement is a challenging aspect of the logistics industry, and there are many protocols that must be followed to ensure maximum workers’ safety.

Among many types of material management equipment, forklifts are undoubtedly the most popular vehicles. They’re beneficial for faster, optimized process completion and ideal for improving safety and protection for workers.

Forklifts are most commonly used in warehouses. Due to their compact design and comparatively easy manoeuvrability, forklifts make a great addition to production plants and storage areas. However, it’s critical to learn and implement safety best practices to minimize the risk of forklift accidents.

Forklift Accidents: The Key Reason to Train Your Employees

An astonishing number of forklift workers suffer from injuries caused by unsafe forklift operations. This is the key reason for adopting a robust safety plan that works in the favour of employees as well as material safety. Employers should invest in professional forklift training services for their workers.

At RS Forklift Training, we offer refresher and experience courses to help forklifting personnel master the art of moving goods safely.

Here are the two forklift operations best practices that can help you increase forklift productivity:

Check Fluid Levels

Before turning on a forklift, operators should properly inspect its engine. They must assess fluid levels and ensure that there’s no sign of malfunctioning in the control system. Operating an inefficient forklift can lead to unwanted downtimes and deadly forklift accidents.

Always monitor hydraulic brakes, transmission, engine oil, and engine coolants before operating a forklift. This will help you improve the process safety and enhance the equipment’s useful life.

Ensure Environment Friendliness

For forklift operations, warehouse managers and floor supervisors need to ensure proper workplace conditions. Corrective worksite rules and guidelines must be followed. There should be smooth communication between the operators and managers. All the other employees must be aware of ongoing or upcoming forklift operations, and awareness signage should be placed wherever required.

Forklift owners can invest in warning LED lights, load capacity indicators, floor markers, and camera system installations to improve process safety.

Book Convenient Forklift Training Services NOW

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