Best-Practices to Implement When Using Forklifts to Load/Unload?

Forklifts aren’t only used for carrying and transporting heavy-duty materials, but also play a critical role in loading and unloading them. However, there are some safety practices everyone should follow to guarantee effective loading and unloading. While it’s better to seek forklift training for this, here are three things to remember when using a forklift to load or unload items.

Ensure that the Vehicle is Stopped and Stabilised

Whether you’re about to load or unload materials from a forklift, one of the most critical steps to take is ensuring that the vehicle is always stopped, braked, and stabilised before anything else you do. It’s an essential measure to take because it’ll ultimately make loading and unloading smoother without any significant disruptions.

When you receive the right forklift training, you’ll know how and when to hit the brakes at the time of loading and unloading. In fact, this step is the basic rule of efficient material handling.

Avoid Ramps and Sloped Surfaces

Many forklift operators think that the only time they need to be careful is when they’re about to overturn near a ramp or a complicated ground surface. However, another critical factor to consider is the spot where you park the forklift to load or unload it.

Loading or unloading a forklift on a sloped surface such as a ramp is an incredibly dangerous thing to do. It doesn’t only put the vehicle in danger, but also increases the chances of chemical spillage and injuries among workers.

Don’t Push Railway Cars with the Forklift

A crucial rule to ensure that all materials are loaded and unloaded seamlessly is that there is no other vehicle or machinery in the way. Many people tend to operate forklifts with other machinery such as railway cars operating within the same premises.

It’s always a better idea to avoid this practice when trying to load or unload fragile materials.

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