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Birmingham, UK – March 21st, 2022: Forklift-related accidents in workplaces all across the UK are more than common than one might think. Poorly trained forklift operators do not possess sufficient knowledge about standard safety procedures, including instructions about how to conduct thorough forklift safety inspections and load heavy materials safely. For over twenty years, RS Forklift Training has been trying to address this problem by offering affordable forklift training programs for workers across Britain, taught by their RTITB proficient forklift instructors.

A leading forklift training provider that offers courses for both novices and experienced forklift operators in many major cities across the UK, RS Forklift Training deals with both companies and individual workers who wish to start their first jobs as forklift drivers or upgrade their existing skills. To this end, the company offers one-day refresher training courses for forklift operators who need to update their resumes or learn new skills that they can use at work.

There are many reasons why it is a good idea for companies to encourage their forklift drivers to continue their training even after receiving their initial forklift certification. Workers will stay up to date with the latest technology and software updates to existing forklift models. Refresher courses also help workers prevent accidents as they train them to correctly use forklift equipment. Forklifts can be dangerous if used by workers who haven’t been trained in many years.

A representative from RS Forklifts told us how the company’s one-day refresher and re-certification courses were specifically designed with workers’ needs in mind. “Our refresher courses are made to help workers maintain their proficiency when it comes to the right way to do forklift operations. There’s a lot they need to remember and this is a job in which the slightest misstep can result in some pretty bad accidents. Ongoing refresher courses that forklift operators can take once a year will help employees remember the standard operating procedure and help them improve their skills.”

Aside from the obvious benefits, refresher courses also have been shown to contribute to increased worker productivity: Employees who are good at using forklifts generally get more work done in a shorter amount of time. Avoiding accidents also helps work get done faster and helps the company save money that would otherwise be spent on costly repairs.

The company offers a variety of professional forklift training courses for workers depending on their current level of skill and expertise when it comes to operating forklifts. There are 1-day refresher or re-certification courses for workers who wish to renew their existing forklift certification, 2-day and 3-day courses for experienced forklift operators who require advanced training, and 4-day and 5-day courses for novices who have little to no experience operating forklifts in the workplace and need to obtain proper forklift certification.

Workers who need guidance about which course would be the right fit for them are advised to visit RS Forklift Training centre for a free practical assessment with a qualified instructor who will recommend the right course for them.

Adding to his comments, the representative from RS Forklift Training explained how the company is devoted to maintaining its reputation as one of the leading forklift training institutes in the United Kingdom. “It’s been 20 years since we’ve been training workers how to drive, load and inspect forklifts. We understand just how important it is for these trainees to be good at their jobs because, after all, the companies they work for want forklift drivers who will take their job seriously and avoid mishaps at work. We want to make sure that every worker who completes our training program has a bright future as a forklift operator, so we’re committed to offering the best in forklift training.”

Demand for goods and services is growing steadily across Britain, and companies are hiring greater numbers of forklift operators than ever before. These workers are tasked with loading and transporting materials in warehouses and factories. Cities such as Birmingham and Manchester, other than being known for their cultural attractions, are also some of the fastest-growing commercial and industrial hubs in Britain. The expansion of the mining industry, the service sector, and the health sector has meant that the salaries for forklift operators have also been going up. Therefore, RS Forklifts cater to all workers in the United Kingdom who are seeking professional forklift training to find work as forklift operators.

Companies and individuals who wish to receive forklift training from RTITB proficient forklift instructors can reach out to the institute using the contact information provided below.

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