British Workers Choose RS Forklifts for the Best Forklift Training Courses in the UK

West Midlands, UK – March 24th, 2022: The rapid proliferation of jobs in construction, in the industrial sector, in public administration, and the healthcare sector has led to businesses expanding their operations all over the United Kingdom. Along with managers, supervisors, and servicemen, these companies need forklift operators to manage operations in their warehouses and factories. To qualify to work as a forklift operator in the UK, however, proper forklift certification is required. That’s where RS Forklift Training comes in.

An RTITB certified forklift training provider, RS Forklift Training, has provided professional forklift training to countless British workers in the UK for over 20 years. During this time, they have maintained their reputation as one of the country’s foremost forklift training providers thanks to their RTITB proficient forklift instructors and their customized training courses for both beginners and seasoned forklift operators. Their competitive and affordable prices are also a major factor that makes them the leading choice for forklift training for thousands of workers.

A company representative talked to us about why it is so important that workers receive the best professional forklift training without worrying about the expense. Forklift certification isn’t just something workers do to make their resume more impressive; it’s required by the law to have proper forklift training for those who wish to work as a forklift operator. Our job is to ensure that our prices for our training courses remain affordable for all workers across the UK.”

Many companies in the UK are responsible for sending their forklift operators for refresher training courses every few years at their own expense. In an economy where the cost of goods and services has been on the rise, the affordability of RS Forklift’s training courses has also meant that companies can afford forklift training for their employees. RS Forklifts count both companies as well as individual trainees among their clients.

The company representative further explained to us why it is important for forklift operators to renew their training every few years. “Even for forklift operators who have obtained forklift certification, going back for a refresher or re-certification course every 3 or 4 years is important to keep abreast with new trends, safety regulations, and innovations in forklift machinery. This prevents their training from becoming obsolete after a few years and helps them work diligently and ensure that all safety protocols are being followed.”

The company offers 1-day refresher or re-certification courses for workers who wish to renew their existing forklift certification, 2-day and 3-day courses for experienced forklift operators who require advanced training, and 4-day and 5-day courses for novices who have little to no experience operating forklifts in the workplace and need to obtain proper forklift certification.

To provide an impeccable training experience to all their workers, RS Forklift Training ensures that all their forklift training centres across the United Kingdom (in cities such as Leeds, Birmingham, Staffordshire, Coventry, Dudley, and Manchester) are equipped with Plasma Televisions for video presentations of forklift driving and inspection tutorials. Forklift training can be offered on-site and in their training centres, which come equipped with all the necessary tools to facilitate forklift training for all workers.

Training takes place in two components: a practical, hands-on approach to driving the forklift as well as a written examination that follows afterward. Trainees who successfully attempt the written and practical examination are registered on the UK’s NORS database, and each worker receives a unique registration number. Through this registration number, both the forklift operator as well as their employer can check and verify that their forklift training has been successfully completed and that they are now licensed to work as a forklift operator anywhere in the United Kingdom.

All trainees watch detailed practical tutorials that teach them how to operate counterbalance forklifts (which are used to load and unload vehicles and transport materials in factories and in warehouses) as well as reach forklifts (which are used in smaller, more confined areas and narrow aisles in warehouses).

Aspiring forklift operators who are unsure which course will be the best fit for them are encouraged to talk to the company’s RTITB proficient forklift instructors, who will offer them free advice. Or come along to RS Forklifts Training centre for a free practical assessment so our qualified instructor can assess you on forklift operating skills and recommend the right course for you.

The company is also committed to holding its forklift training sessions in smaller groups so that the instructors can pay attention to each trainee’s individual needs and progress. The company representative elaborated, “We can offer our services both on a one-on-one basis and at a ratio of 3:1. This means that for every three trainees, there will be one instructor who will train them.” Smaller groups mean that each trainee feels that their needs are truly being met, and they can have their forklift instructor’s undivided attention.

Adding to his comments, the company representative told us that at RS Forklift Training, each worker can be sure that they will be in good hands and emerge as professional forklift operators at the end. “We guarantee top-notch training with experienced Instructors and adhere to RTITB and HSE standards.” With such affordable rates, the company is a favourite amongst forklift operators in the UK.

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RS Forklift Training is an RTITB Approved and Accredited Forklift Training Provider offering affordable forklift training courses in many cities across the UK, including Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Manchester, Solihull, Warwickshire, Sandwell, and Leeds. The company has been conducting professional forklift training for workers all over the UK for 20 years.

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