Crucial Tips for Maintaining a Forklift

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All the forklift training courses we offer at our Birmingham forklift training centre also include forklift maintenance and upkeep. We believe that part of being a responsible forklift operator is being able to check your machine and assess whether it’s in good condition.

Find forklift training courses near meWe’ve put together a few important tips to help you ensure your forklift stays in good shape:

1. Conduct a Visual Inspection

Before you start using your forklift, perform a visual inspection for any obvious signs of damage or faults. Keep an eye out for fluid leaks, and make sure no fluids can be found on your forklift’s exterior or on the ground around it.

2. Check the Tyres

A forklift’s tyres help maintain its balance and stability. If your tyres use air, confirm that they have the right air pressure before using the forklift. Solid tyres can be checked visually for any cuts or gashes.

3. Check the Fluid Levels

Like any other piece of heavy machinery, forklifts require different fluids for smooth functioning. Motor oil, hydraulic oil, transmission fluids, coolants, and antifreeze all help provide efficient performance. Their levels don’t need to be checked daily unless the forklift is heavily used every day, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on them.

4. Fork and Other Systems

The fork system carries all the loads, and it needs to be in good condition for safe operation. Check that the tines aren’t damaged, and all associated systems are working properly. If any faults are found, the forklift shouldn’t be used.

5. Fuel Levels

Electric forklifts should be fully charged before use. Overnight charging is recommended for them so that the machine can be used without disruptions during the day. This also extends the useful life of the battery.

If you’re using a conventional forklift that runs on petrol or diesel, make sure you start with a full tank.

6. Safety Checks

Before you start using your forklift, don’t forget to perform a safety test. Check the parking brakes, steering, and horn. Ensure that all gauges and lights on the instrument panel are in order and aren’t indicating that something’s wrong.

Find the best forklift training course near me

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