Epic Forklift Fails: Some Mistakes to Avoid

Forklift truck training in Birmingham

As the preeminent UK-based forklift training centre, we’ve seen our share of forklift fails. People who operate forklifts without a proper forklift training certificate tend to underestimate them or use them inappropriately. This can lead to drastic consequences.

Forklift truck training in Birmingham

Here are a few of the forklift-related mistakes that you should avoid:

1. Speeding

Forklift drivers seldom have their workplace to themselves. Most of the time, they need to be mindful of other people, equipment, and machinery in their vicinity. It’s a bad idea to drive a forklift at high speeds—even if it isn’t loaded.

Forklifts have different suspensions and braking mechanisms compared to other vehicles. If you’re driving it fast, you might not be able to stop it in time to avoid a collision.

2. Improper Stacking

Loading a forklift involves a lot more than just placing pellets on the fork. Operators need to make sure they’re correctly stacking the load with proper weight distribution. Failure to do so is a hazard to the operator and others around them.

This is why all our forklift training courses teach proper stacking and de-stacking technique to participants.

3. Overloading the Forklift

Every forklift is allowed to carry a specific amount of weight. Ignoring this weight limit and overloading a forklift doesn’t improve efficiency. On the contrary, it creates unnecessary risk for everyone.

An overloaded forklift becomes unstable and dangerous to operate. It’s likely to overturn and cause injuries to the operator and others.

4. Careless Operation

As a forklift operator, you won’t always be handling loads that are of reasonable size and weight. Sometimes operators must transport loads that have unusual dimensions and can’t be secured properly. In such circumstances, you need to rely on your forklift training and be extra careful of how you’re manoeuvring your forklift.

Even when you’re handling average loads, you’ll need to adjust your driving technique accordingly if the load is elevated. This changes the weight distribution significantly, and carelessness can lead to accidents.

5. Not Doing Safety Checks

Failing to perform a safety check before using your forklift can make you and your machine vulnerable to mishaps. You can’t operate your forklift if your hydraulics are malfunctioning or your tyres aren’t in good condition.

A visual inspection and a safety check should be the first thing on your to-do list every day. This’ll help you be an asset to your employer instead of a liability.

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