eTruck (Counterbalance & Reach Truck eLearning) Overview

eTruck (Counterbalance & Reach Truck eLearning) Overview

eTruck UK is designed to deliver real behavioural change as well as relevant legislative and regulatory knowledge, making it a more effective way of learning.

With eTruck UK Candidates learn by following a digital story that encourages them to think about the effect that their actions and decisions have on others.

It shows them how lucky they are on a day-to-day basis and how easily it can (and does) go wrong. eTruck tackles decision-making under pressure and provides an insight into the workplace and where lift truck operations fit in.

eTruck Novice provides a total of approx. 6 hours of bitesize content:

  1. Types of trucks
  2. Inspection and maintenance
  3. Truck operation
  4. Risks of tipping over
  5. Goods and maintenance handling
  6. Traffic environments and safety
  7. Discover the risks

eTruck Refresher provides a total of approx. 1.5 hours of bitesize content:

  1. Training requirements and incident statistics
  2. Pre-use inspection
  3. Battery care and maintenance
  4. Operating a lift truck
  5. Environments

eTruck material is browser-based and is available to access anytime, anywhere with an internet connection ( recommended modern browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox). RTITB eLearning can be used on multiple platforms such as Tablets, Laptops and MACs. Candidates simply log onto the platform and work their way through the course.

The course can be done at the candidates’ own pace, allowing them to stop and start the training as they wish by just saving their current progress.


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RS Forklift Training is
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We have the best forklift training centres in West Midlands and we offer our services with latest teaching methods and high standards. Counterbalance Lift Truck, (Electric, Diesel, LPG), Reach Lift Truck VNA (man up, Man down), Order Pickers, PPT, and Bendi-Flexi are just some of the lift trucks among many that we train our candidates in. We are credited with giving many companies some of their best employees. With our 20 years of experience you can count on us to provide you with:-

Top Level Courses (Fully Accredited according to RTITB)

SLE Approval

Latest Training Methods

Experienced Instructors

Affordable Rates

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Beginner – Intermediate – Expert Level Courses

Our training course is for everyone and has different levels based on the experience of the candidate. Beginners can join us to learn something new and experienced operators can join us to refresh their training. Our expertise goes beyond operator training as we also provide instructor training to those forklift operators who wish to train other candidates. We have successfully converted over 11000 trainees into skilled, professional forklift operators and instructors who are working responsibly, achieving targets successfully and living happily.

Our forklift training centre is customer-centric in every way, that’s why we provide the best forklift training courses in West Midlands at the most genuine prices in all of the U.K. so that no one misses out on a chance to learn a new skill and earn an honest and satisfying living.

For more information, feel free to contact us or just type “forklift near me” on Google and click on RS Forklift Training Centre. If you opt for the Bundle Packages then you will be eligible to receive some irresistible offers, call now or visit your nearest centre for more information.

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