Forklift Capacity – How Much Do You Need?

Loading objects greater than forklift capacity can cause them to tip over

Forklift accidents at the workplace are commonly caused by the misuse or ignorance of a forklift’s capacity and weight limit. By training forklift drivers on how to calculate these figures and the factors affecting them, you can provide them with a helpful preventative tool for the future.

This guide will discuss what a forklift capacity is and how it can be affected.

Forklift Capacity

Forklift capacity refers to the maximum weight a forklift can safely carry. You can also find information on the load capacity data plate. The forklift operator must ensure never to exceed this load under any circumstances. However, there are other factors to consider based on what you carry and how you carry it.

Forklift Load Centre

Load centre helps determine how much your forklift can carry. You can again find this information on your load capacity data plate. This calculation instructs the operator about the load’s maximum size. Moreover, the load’s centre of gravity must not exceed the limit as it causes the forklift to tip. If you can’t avoid a large centre of gravity, the load can still be carried depending on the calculation of the new load capacity.

Forklift Attachments

Since forklift attachments can alter both your load centre and load capacity, make sure you have access to this information. It’s crucial to consider this information when calculating your maximum load capacity and load centre. Avoid using attachments because the resulting difference between your load centre and load capacity can be unpredictable.

Lift Height

A forklift truck with a high mast will typically have a data plate comprising two different load capacities – one for its maximum carrying height and the other for a low height. That’s how an operator can use a single truck for high-level lighter loads and low-level heavy loads. Drivers should be fully aware of how dangerous it can be to test these limits.

Forklift safety training

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