Forklift Extensions: Yay or Nay?

A forklift at an industrial site

Attaching extendable forks in your forklift equipment is one way of increasing its efficiency, versatility, and performance. Extended forks can help you lift, load, and carry more complex and heavyweights without compromising workers’ safety.

However, many forklift operators and owners think that extendable forks aren’t effective, and we beg to differ. These add-on tools in a forklift can bring myriad benefits to your daily material movement operations and help in moving twice as many load pallets in one go.

At RS Forklift Training in Birmingham, we offer high-end forklift training programmes at affordable rates. Our experienced and RTITB accredited trainers can help your forklift personnel achieve success and high-level expertise in the area.

So let’s dig deeper and learn why extendable forks are worth your investment.

The Ultimate Reasons to Buy Forklift Extensions

Since we, at the RS Forklift Training in the UK, are totally in favour of forklift extendable forks, here are some reasons that will convince you to try them out:

  • Extendable forks maximise space utilisation and help operators work with two and four-way pallets
  • They save time by reducing the number of shift rotations
  • Helps in easy, quick, and multiple loading
  • Improve employee safety by enhancing load grip, movement flexibility, and resistance

What’s more, extendable forklifting forks can enable forklift operators to load and lift two and four-way pallets, ultimately optimising workspace utilisation significantly. Forklift attachments come in all shapes and sized, especially the forks. They can be affixed to different types of forklifts to extend their length within the movement radius.

: A forklift driver in a warehouse

Using Forklift Extensions—Tips

Buying, installing, and operating forklifts with extended forklifts are not as challenging as they may sound. All you need to do is provide adequate forklift training to your forklift operators to deal with and manage forklift attachments.

Extendable forks can be slid easily, fitting on the top of the existing forks, and they are locked into the panels for easy retrieval. Here’s how you can attach forks to your existing equipment:

  1. Maintain adequate distance between forklifts and forks
  2. Properly remove pocket heels from extensions
  3. Slowly and carefully drive the forks into the panels
  4. Insert the pins into wheels and properly secure them into the place
  5. Test run the equipment to ensure that forks are attached tightly

Avail On-Site, Professional Forklift Training Services in the UK

RS Forklift Training in the UK has industry experience of over 25 years. Our RTITB accredited courses are loved and appreciated across West Midland as they have helped businesses reach next-level productivity and employee safety standards.

Head over to the RS Forklift Training’s website to book our group forklift training classes today! Our forklift training services are available in Birmingham, Walsall, Coventry, Dudley, and many other locations.

Contact us now.


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