Forklift Instructor Course

RTITB Pre-course Requirements – January 2023.

Effective January 1st, 2023, RTITB has revised the prerequisites for participating in its Lift Truck Instructor course. The goal of these changes is to enhance the calibre of RTITB Instructors and ultimately advance safety standards throughout the industry.

All candidates attending an RTITB Instructor course must now have completed the eTruck UK lift truck theory eLearning course. This is so that Instructor training candidates begin the course with a suitable level of operator-level fundamental knowledge. This helps ensure that accurate and relevant safety information is passed down to the operators they train.

The eTruck curriculum goes beyond the typical operator theory training by including topics such as behavioural safety and the impact of stress on decision-making. It provides a fresh perspective on material not usually covered in conventional training sessions.

This eligibility change is part of a ‘flipped classroom’ approach. The RTITB Lift Truck Instructor course is undergoing a comprehensive update and this is the first step. The update aims to bring the training into the modern age by giving candidates more control over their learning process and enhancing their digital skills. The update will modernise the overall training experience.

A ‘flipped classroom’  pushes candidates to engage in more active learning. This supports better knowledge retention. And it enables them to arrive at the course with greater confidence.

  • Introduction to and familiarisation with the truck and operations
  • Health and Safety
  • Relevant Regulations
  • Approved Code of Practice (ACOP)
  • Instructor Role and Qualities
  • Basic Principles of Instruction
  • Skills and Task Analysis
  • Planning, preparing and presenting instruction
  • Example of practical instruction
  • Lesson Structure (Practical)
  • Lesson Structure (Theory)
  • Report Writing
  • Visual Aids
  • Lift Truck Test
  • Have proof of successfully completing the Counterbalance Basic Operating Skills Test within the last 12 months
  • Have significant experience as a counterbalance operator, we recommend an absolute minimum of 6 months
  • Have good communication skills
  • Have the confidence to present to large and small groups of their peers
To pass the lift truck instructor course you will need to pass an examination consisting of three elements:

1. Basic operating skills test on a counterbalance lift truck and pass to instructor standard on the first day of the course (maximum 25 penalties allowed). This test also requires the candidate to undertake both the Associated Knowledge element of the Operator test and also the Pre-Use Inspection test. (A suitable period of truck familiarisation will be provided prior to the tests being conducted)

2. Associated Knowledge, multiple choice theory paper (Pass mark is 80%)

3. Practical Instructional Ability, deliver a session of no more than 40 minutes in length covering a basic operating skill (Pass mark is 70 out of a possible 100)

Courses run every two months to find out our training schedules contact us via 0121 411 0727


Start Date: 07/11/2023

Re-registration Start Date: 15/11/2023

Examination Date: 20/11/2023


Course Content,
Introduction to and familiarisation with the truck and operations
RTITB basic operators test
The legislative framework and the need to train
Role and responsibilities of the instructor
Principles of instruction
Planning, preparing and presenting instruction
Example of practical instruction
Candidates preparing and planning practical instruction
Course Assessment
Theoretical assessment of 20 multiple choice questions..
Practical Test of instructional ability, confirming skills taught on the Forklift instructors training course – in a role-play situation.
Spaces on these courses are limited so please contact us as soon as possible

Price per candidate
10 days – £1,699.99
12 days – £1,899.99

Price per candidate
3/4 days – £699.00

Price per candidate
5 days – £799.00

Become A Forklift Instructor

We offer RTITB Instructor training course at our training centre in Birmingham. We use all the best training techniques on the latest equipment to assist trainee development. Our highly trained forlift training instructors have over 20 years of experience in training candidates through out the country with an unbeatable success rate.

Our Instructor training enables companies to have qualified Forklift Instructors to reduce costs such as outsourcing training. On completion, they are able to instruct and examine operators on company premises. Also, it could be an opportunity for an individual to embark upon a rewarding career as a recognised RTITB instructor. The course complies with the approved code of practice issued by the Health & Safety Executive.

With the course we offer, an experienced forklift operator can train to become an RTITB Accredited Forklift Instructor and examiner between 10 to 12 days.

Instructor Courses

We aspire to educate our trainees and not just give instructions, because we know that their knowledge will either help a company achieve success or become the cause of their losses. This training program enables already certified operators to become certified instructors. Companies save outsourcing costs by getting their in-house operators certified as instructors who train and examine the rest of the operators on the factory grounds.

Forklift Instructor Course

Our course enables a certified forklift operator to train and become an RTITB proficient Forklift Instructor within 10 to 12 days. This course also acts as an opportunity for employment, because our affiliation with many agencies and private companies has become a medium for many individuals to gain lucrative job opportunities earning an annual salary between GBP 35000 – 40000.

We are very proud of our stellar 98% pass rate. All our course prices are very genuine, and we offer monthly finance options available for all our courses. Our centre’s location is at the heart of every city we are situated in with easy access to public transport and shops with in-house parking and catering.


  1. Novice Forklift Instructor – This course enables individuals/companies to train operators to RTITB standards either for in-house or commercial purposes.  
  2. Re-Reg Forklift Instructor – This course is for already RTITB certified instructors who already offer training regularly and want to do so on a higher standard.
  3. RTITB Instructor Re-Examination – This course is for those instructors who have failed in one of the two elements of the RTITB exam.
  4. In-House Forklift Instructor – This course is for companies looking to convert one of their operators into a certified instructor to save outsourcing cost. 


Contents of the Course:

Introduction to the Truck and Operations

Health and Safety

Necessary Regulations

Official Code of Practice

Role and Qualities of Instructors

Fundamental Principles of Instruction

Analysis of Skills and Task

Planning, Preparing and Presenting Instruction

Practical Instruction

Lesson Structure (Practical & Theory)

Developing Reports

Visual Aids

Lift Truck Test

To apply for the course, we require you to have proof of completing the Counterbalance Basic Operating Skills Test within the last 12 months and have significant experience as a counterbalance operator, which must be minimum of 6 months. You must have good communication skills and should be able to handle yourself well in front of the trainees and be clear in your conduct.


Before certifying someone which the tag of ‘Instructor’ they have to pass a carefully crafted and well-organized examination, the exam consists of three elements, each of which has its weightage.

Associated Knowledge Test will be a multiple-choice theory paper with minimum passing marks of 80%. Practical Instructional Ability consists of a 40-minute long session which covers all fundamental operating skills. The candidate requires 70 out of 100 to pass this test.Lastly, the Basic Operating Skills Test on a counterbalance lift truck is another mandatory test consisting of the Associated Knowledge, Operator Test and the Pre-Use Inspection Test.

Why Choose Us?

  • Providing training for over 20 years with thousands of happy clients, we aim to keep our reputation for an amazing 98% pass rate.
  • All our course prices are very competitive, also offering genuine price match terms and conditions apply.
  • Located in the heart of Birmingham, easy access to public transport and shops.
  • and In-house parking available.
  • Pay monthly finance options available for all our courses.
  • Catering can be provided so you wont go hungry while you train.


Looking For Work?

As an RTITB Acreddited Forklift Instructor you can potentially earn between

£35,000 to £40,000 annual salary.

Here at RS forklifts training we will help you find employment local to you as we have affiliate agencies and private companies who seek potential employees.

Novice Forklift Instructor

Novice Forklift Instructor

Aimed at instructors who want to train operators to RTITB standards, either in-house or on a commercial basis

Total Cost: £1699

RTITB registration fee not included. prices mentioned exclude vat.

RTITB Instructor Re-examination

Re-reg Forklift Instructor

Aimed at existing (typically commercial) RTITB instructors who train on a regular basis to a high standard.

Total Cost: £699.99.

RTITB registration fee not included. prices mentioned exclude vat.

RTITB Instructor Re-examination

RTITB Instructor Re-examination

Aimed at instructors who have failed one of the two elements of the RTITB examination

With our impressive 98.3% pass rate we are positive that our expert instructors will offer one to one sessions to boost your chances of passing

Cost Varies

In House Forklift Instructor

In House Forklift Instructor

This is for companies looking to train an experienced operator to Instructor level

This will be beneficial as it will reduce the cost of outsourcing instructors. The course will be delivered at our training center based in the heart of Birmingham

Total Cost: £1299

RTITB registration fee not included. prices mentioned exclude vat.

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