Forklift Instructor Course

Rs forklift training is RTITB accredited to deliver Instructor courses at our center in Birmingham.

The earliest provisional start date is 06/08/2020 for 10 days of novice training     (TEST DATE: 19/08/20)

Next provisional start date is 04/09/2020 for a 10 days novice training,

Re-Registration 4 days: start dates: 15/08/2020      (TEST DATE: 19/08/20)

Next Re-Registration 4 days: start dates: 14/09/2020


Course Content,

  • Introduction to and familiarisation with the truck and operations
  • RTITB basic operators test
  • The legislative framework and the need to train
  • Role and responsibilities of the instructor
  • Principles of instruction Planning,
  • preparing and presenting instruction
  • Example of practical instruction
  • Candidates preparing and planning practical instruction
  • Course Assessment
  • Theoretical assessment of 20 multiple choice questions..
  • Practical Test of instructional ability, confirming skills taught on the Forklift instructors training course – in role-play.

Spaces on these courses are limited so please contact us as soon as possible Price per candidate

  • 10 days – £1,499.99 Price per candidate
  • 12 day – £1,699.99 Price per candidate
  • 3/4 days – £550.00 Price per candidate
  • 5 days – £650.00 Price per candidate

To book the training visit our website site: Or contact us on 0121 411 0727

Our novice forklift instructor course is designed to offer aspirant operator trainers the basics to deliver forklift novice courses and training programs to ensure that the course curriculum standards are adhered to. We deliver our novice forklift instructor courses through a combination of interactive discussions, multimedia presentations, and practice.

This course is an idea for people who: 

  • Have successfully completed the Counterbalance Basic Operating Skills Testwithin the past year
  • Have ample experience as a forklift operator
  • Possess excellent communication skills
  • Possess the confidence to present to small and large groups


The content for our novice forklift instructor course includes:

  • Introduction to and familiarisation with the truck and operations
  • RTITB basic operator’s test
  • The legislative frameworks around the training requirements
  • Responsibilities of a novice forklift instructor
  • Pillars of instruction planning,
  • Example of practice-based instruction
  • Theoretical assessment consisting of 20 MCQs.
  • Practical tests and roleplay activities to gauge instructional abilities and confirm skills taught on the forklift novice courses.


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