How to Buy a Forklift?

RS Forklift Training Courses Birmingham

RS Forklift Training Courses Birmingham

One of the most difficult decisions that a person can come across is choosing what to buy, especially if the item in question involves huge investment and is a crucial piece of equipment that can affect the entirety of your operations. There are certain thoughts and consideration that are followed every time an important purchase needs to be done and just like any other major purchase while deciding on which forklift to buy there are many things that must be considered. 
The main goals of any commercial enterprise is to increase yield, reduce costs and save money. Forklifts are one of the primary investments at factories, storage facilities, constructions sites and warehouses and therefore choosing the right one is necessary because otherwise they can become an additional cost centre instead of giving the expected return on investment. This guide will make this intricate decision easy for you, especially if you are buying one for the first time. 
Before you start listing your preferred models ask yourself certain important questions which will help you understand your requirements. Once you know your requirements then you can easily narrow down your options to specific models and types. These questions can be like:
Which forklift will suit my premises the best?
What is my budget?
Which accessories and tyres do I need along with the truck?
Do I have trained operators for the forklifts?
For how many hours will the forklift run per day?
Next is looking for your truck and when you do that keep used forklifts in your buying options along with the new ones. If your runtime requirement will be more than 4 hours per day then buying a brand new model is a better option because its maintenance cost will be lower. Otherwise buying an old truck from a verified dealer is also a great option, it will be cheaper especially in case you need it urgently. 
Before buying you also should check the capacity of the forklift and you do that by checking your average load weight and the weight of the attachment because even though accessories like the side-shifter increase productivity immensely but they also reduce the overall capacity of the forklift. Choosing the correct engine is also important, if your facility deals with food items, pharmaceuticals or unground work then an electric engine will be suitable for you. While on the other hand, heavy-duty items require a diesel or LPG engine. Overall, electric engines are a much better option due to their low maintenance cost, zero-emission and quick return on investment. 
Many people don’t focus on the type of tyres while buying a forklift but you don’t do that because different uses require different tyres. Indoor settings require cushioned tyres that run smooth on even surfaces, they are also inexpensive and better at tight turns. Outdoor settings like construction sites or lumberyards require solid pneumatic tyres that remain steady and balance the load properly on rocky surfaces. If you have any special uses then polyurethane, cold-prepped and static-resistant tyres are also available.  
During the buying process consider a manufacturer who won’t just sell you the forklift but will cater to all your material handling needs. Forklifts need maintenance throughout their lives and during those times you need someone who will provide the right replacement parts when needed and will do timely inspections. Discuss a maintenance plan which will lower the cost, reduce downtime and prolong the life of the truck. 
Just like choosing the right manufacturer is important, choosing the right operator is important too. Operators will be the ones handling the forklift and the load on top of it and if they are not qualified then this can cost you big on the truck and your products. Before handing the truck over make sure that they are certified drivers with an RTITB certification and if not then you can provide them with forklift training courses. 
Training centres like the RS Forklift Training Centres provide the best forklift training courses in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Along with the fresher courses, there are forklift refresher training courses for people wanting to brush up their skills and forklift conversion courses for people wanting to change their forklift type. At the end of the course, your operator will be fully trained and will have an RTITB certified forklift license to drive. RS Forklift Training Centres give candidates the best forklift training prices which become a one-time investment for life long returns. 
Remember these last tips before I end the guide, choose a trustworthy brand who will build a relationship with you and don’t just go for cheap prices or discounts. Let your operator do a test drive at the facility before buying to see the compatibility and if you can spend a little extra and get a better machine if you think your productivity will increase over time. 
For more information on forklift trucks visit RS Forklift Training Centres in Birmingham and West Midlands or find us on Google by typing “forklift training centre near me.”

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