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Do you wish to get the best forklift training services in Wolverhampton? If YES, then you’re in the right place. At RS Forklifts Training, we will provide you with the latest forklift training courses in Wolverhampton. Keep reading to find our more.


In any work area, forklifts make the job really convenient because of the efficient functionality they provide. However, a high level of expertise is needed to drive a forklift in the best and safest way possible.


For this reason, forklift training is needed from an authentic training institute that not only trains you in the best way but also gives you an accredited license.


One such company that offers top-level forklift training in Wolverhampton is RS Forklifts Training.


Get The Best Forklift Training Courses in Wolverhampton


“We provide top-level forklift training in Wolverhampton according to the latest FLE and RTITB training techniques.”


RS Forklift Training has been providing fully accredited forklift training services in Wolverhampton for a long time and has thus trained numerous individuals who are well satisfied with our services.


Our services extend to all types of forklifts. We provide our forklift training services to companies who want to train their staff members as well as individuals.  Moreover, we also offer forklift instructor courses.


We provide both On-site and in-center training. Our training center is RITTB, ITSSAR, and ISA approved. It is well equipped with the latest tools and equipment needed to help individuals train better. We teach you both the practical as well as the theoretical information you need to know in order to be a better forklift driver.


Our timings are flexible. We offer you our forklift training Wolverhampton according to the timings you select.


Moreover, our staff is fully experienced to provide you with the latest forklift training course according to the FLE. Our instructors have over 20 years of experience in the field of forklift training and a 98% high pass rate. This ensures you get the best forklift training course.


Certification And Employment


We also provide you with certification. After successful completion of the course, you will receive an RTITB accredited certificate that is nationally recognized.


Once you have received your certificate, we can help with employment for more information give us a call

Wolverhampton is a city in the West Midlands of England. It is a bright and vibrant city with a population of 249,470 people. The city was founded in the year 2000 and has a great multicultural diversity creating numerous opportunities around the city. The city is a major centre for coal mining, steel production, lock making and the manufacture of cars and motorcycles.

Transport in and around the city has never been easier than it is today. West Midlands metro now provides the easiest and quickest route from wolves to all around the west midlands at very cheap costs. There are regular West Midlands busses that allows travelling from Wolves to anywhere in the Midlands very easy and accessible.

The economy of the city is based on a lot of engineering which includes a massive aerospace industry. The industrial units around the city have led to a huge increased demand on forklift drivers. RS Forklifts are pleased to have played a massive part in providing training to thousands of forklift drivers over the last 20 years. At RS forklifts we have a huge cliental where we deliver Counterbalance lift truck, Reach lift truck and Bendi lift truck training.

Why Choose Us?


  • Best Quality and Fully Accredited Courses
  • Experienced and Skilled Staff Members
  • Flexible Timings According to The Client
  • Fully Equipped Training Centre
  • On-site Training Services
  • Affordable Rates
  • Client Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Fully Approved and Accredited Courses from RTITB
  • Various Courses Depending Upon Client’s Level of Expertise


So do not wait any longer! If your job requires you to be a forklift driver, RS Forklifts Training will provide you with the best forklift training in Wolverhampton.


Connect with us today to book a FREE quote. We promise you won’t regret doing business with us.


RS Forklift Training in Wolverhampton

RS Forklift training is an independent training organisation delivering training for over 20 years in Wolverhampton. We are fully-accredited for onsite training.

However if you don’t have the correct facilities we can accommodate at our accredited forklift training centre beased in Birmingham. Our instructors are fully qualified and have many years of experience. We also have instructors who are flexible and will work around customers’ requirements.

Forklift Training course Topics Covered during Wolverhampton forklift training courses for all type of training onsite.

  • Refresher or Re-test for existing operators with previous certification
  • Existing operator with no formal training or certification.
  • Novice operator.

Introduction to forklift equipment, including basic hydraulics, rated capacity and loads centres, stability and instability factors.

Operator safety code, driving on inclines.

Pallet and load assessment, Vehicle loading/unloading.

Attachments and how they affect the truck.

Battery care/maintenance, Pre use checks defect reporting.

Theory, Pre-use check and full practical training/testing on the equipment.

Forklift Training in Wolverhampton.

RS Forklift Training provides recognised accredited training on commercial premises on:

For Best quote fill in our contact page below for forklift training in Wolverhampton or contact us today. We also provide a genuine price match service.

Using your facilities saves money. RS Forklift training Ltd charge a single daily rate & up to three candidates can be trained at one time at a Ratio of 3.1.1. click here to see Nors Matrix


5 Day Novice Operator Training Course

We have the best forklift training centres in West Midlands and we offer our services with latest teaching methods and high standards. Counterbalance Lift Truck, (Electric, Diesel, LPG), Reach Lift Truck VNA (man up, Man down), Order Pickers, PPT, and Bendi-Flexi are just some of the lift trucks among many that we train our candidates in. We are credited with giving many companies some of their best employees. With our 20 years of experience you can count on us to provide you with:-

Top Level Courses (Fully Accredited according to RTITB)

SLE Approval

Latest Training Methods

Experienced Instructors

Affordable Rates

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Beginner – Intermediate – Expert Level Courses

Our training course is for everyone and has different levels based on the experience of the candidate. Beginners can join us to learn something new and experienced operators can join us to refresh their training. Our expertise goes beyond operator training as we also provide instructor training to those forklift operators who wish to train other candidates. We have successfully converted over 11000 trainees into skilled, professional forklift operators and instructors who are working responsibly, achieving targets successfully and living happily.

Our forklift training centre is customer-centric in every way, that’s why we provide the best forklift training courses in West Midlands at the most genuine prices in all of the U.K. so that no one misses out on a chance to learn a new skill and earn an honest and satisfying living.

For more information, feel free to contact us or just type “forklift near me” on Google and click on RS Forklift Training Centre. If you opt for the Bundle Packages then you will be eligible to receive some irresistible offers, call now or visit your nearest centre for more information.

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