Holiday Season: The Top Tips to Deal with Pressurized Work Conditions

From warehouse owners, managers, and guards to forklift operators and personnel employed inside storage areas, everyone experiences the holiday season pressure. The dramatic rise in product demand and orders leads to higher and more robust fulfilment requirements.

The holiday season is particularly known to exert significant pressure, not only on the businesses but also on each individual employee. This ultimately creates a ripple and trickledown effect that impacts a business’s overall productivity.

With proper training, seamless communication, and stress management tools, warehouse employees and managers can curb the seasonal pressure. However, there are some specific strategies applied globally to improve employee performance during peak season.

Consequences of Employee Burnout

According to a Gallup survey, worker burnout is extremely common in organizations across the world. The stress of working during the holiday season can trigger stress and performance issues in many employees.

This can be quite hazardous to workplace safety. For example, a warehouse forklift operator may get into an accident if they’re not comfortable and prepared for the task. Increased material and workers inside warehouses can crowd the space and increase the risk of workplace incidents.

Impact on Employees

The consequences of workplace burnout during the holiday season can lead to quite a challenging situation for a business. To curb the pressure and workload, here are the two main strategies you can implement:

1.   Maintain Open Communication

Communication is the key to optimizing workplace burden. It’s imperative to maintain a seamless communication channel between senior management and warehouse workers. It’s crucial to understand employee expectations at the workplace. Identify their sources of stress and pinpoint the exact solutions. When employees feel heard, they perform better and reduce the risk of workplace accidents.

Since the warehouse logistics industry is highly prone to seasonal pressure. During the heavy production demand, scheduling should be a manager’s top priority. Higher management needs to be strategic and smart about warehouse scheduling to promote job retention and work stress.

Anticipate warehouse work details, labour needs, and seasonal product demand. This can help you give your employees relief and periodic time off. What’s more, by optimizing work hours and maintaining proper communication, organizations can promote work-life balance.

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