How to Evaluate Your Forklift Operator—A Guide

Evaluating and assessing your employees is the only way to understand their logical, technical, and job-related expertise. And this shouldn’t be a one-time thing. It’s especially important to evaluate technical and mechanical labour frequently to improve their performance.

Forklift operations is a critical department wherein managers need to keep every employee’s productivity in check. From forklift operators to maintenance workers, each individual must be assessed and trained to reduce onsite accidental risks. RS Forklift Training has been offering excellent forklift training in the UK to make forklift drivers more proficient at their jobs.

A forklift operator navigating a forklift

In this blog, we’ve discussed the key qualities you must look for in a forklift operator during their evaluation.

1.    Experience

The first thing to assess in a forklift operator is their experience. Whether you’re hiring an amateur forklift driver or assessing an existing one, test their technical skills. This step should also involve a series of basic and advanced forklift maintenance questions.

Ask them about potential forklift pitfalls and their prevention strategies. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional RTITB accredited forklift trainer to make your employees excel at operating forklifts.

2.    Willingness to Learn

Now that you’ve gauged the expertise level and technical abilities of your forklift operators, get them enrolled in a forklift training course for advanced learning. Here, you should assess their reaction and behaviour to see whether or not they want to learn more.

It’s extremely important for a forklift operator to have a curious mind. They should be willing to learn new industry practices and technical skills to accelerate their performance.

3.    Mechanical Know-How

Another important thing to remember when assessing a forklift operator is their mechanical knowledge. Being a smooth forklift driver and navigator isn’t enough. A forklift operator must understand when and how to detect potential forklift malfunctions.

A forklift in a wooden pallets warehouse

We offer comprehensive forklift safety and operational training in Midland, UK. Our courses can enable forklift operators to detect and solve forklift problems promptly. Our RTITB accredited instructors make sure that every trainee is exposed to onsite training for maximum learning outcomes.

4.    Commitment to safety

Perhaps, the most crucial quality a forklift operator can have is a commitment to safety. A forklift operator should know how to keep themselves and others around them safe while operating a forklift.

This requires them to take proper precautions and conduct comprehensive forklift inspections before and after each shift. Safety assessments are also an integral part of our forklift training certificate programmes in Birmingham. These assessments also allow us to learn whether or not a forklift driver and operator is complying with safety codes and regulations.

With adequate and professional forklift training in Birmingham, you can ensure workplace and workers’ safety.

At RS Forklift Training, we offer refresher courses and advanced level forklift training programmes customized according to your needs. Our services areas include Birmingham Worcestershire, Dudley, Coventry, and many other locations across Midland.

Call us for more details or book an RTITB accredited forklift training programme in Birmingham for yourself or your employees right away!


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