Is Forklift Operating a Good Career Choice?

Being a forklift operator can help improve your focus and adaptability

A forklift driver is responsible for operating a forklift. However, the process of becoming a forklift operator can be very complex. An individual must be fully trained in operating heavy equipment and know-how to drive several forklift types through all kinds of spaces safely.

Some forklift drivers drive long distances around the warehouse to move materials, while others are assigned to shift items from one shelf to another. A forklift driver must be trained to operate the equipment independently. This guide will discuss why working as a forklift operator is a good career choice.

What Forklift Drivers Do

Every industry associated with loading and unloading heavy objects requires forklift drivers. Some forklift drivers work on industrial sites like factories, while others work on construction sites to help move materials.

Most forklift drivers work in storage sites such as warehouses to handle and move heavy loads. You can also find them in stores where they unload products from shipping containers or trucks.

Salary of a Certified Forklift Driver

According to National Careers, individuals starting their career as forklift drivers earn a median salary of £17,000 annually. As they build their skills, their salary will likely increase to £30,000 per year.

The earnings fluctuate according to the driver’s educational qualifications and experience level. Besides basic salary, you can receive other benefits such as end-year bonuses or medical allowance. Forklift drivers working overtime, weekends, or nights get much higher pay.

Is it a Good Career Choice?

Working as a forklift driver is a good career choice. Though getting the right training and a license can be costly and challenging, the starting salary for forklift drivers is above the national average in the UK.

Since the potential of the role is quite high, it’s a career worth pursuing. Moreover, the demand for certified forklift drivers in the UK has doubled in the past four years.

Forklift at a construction site

Get Certified Forklift Training Courses in the UK

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