Making Worksites Safe for Post-Pandemic Resumption—A Guide

Have you resumed working from the office in the post-pandemic era?

If yes, do you think your workplace needs a better anti-COVID policy? Then this blog’s for you.

When the pandemic struck the globe, business activities came to a screeching halt. From the banking industry to logistics, every sector experienced a significant plummet in demand and supply. Similarly, warehouse owners and managers also had to deal with delayed shipments and unfulfilled orders.

Now that we’re slowly trying to adapt to the new normal and returning back to workplaces, it’s imperative that we ensure proper SOPs to keep each other safe. Organizations that are resuming physical work for the employees need to curate a robust COVID safety plan to promote employee safety and health.

Speaking of which, warehouses must also have a streamlined COVID prevention plan. From warehouse managers to forklift operators, every employee must adhere to the recommended safety codes and procedures.

In this blog, the experts at the RS Forklift Training in the UK have shared efficacious tips and tricks for post-pandemic warehouse operation resumption.

Revisit Warehouse Measures

The first thing warehouse managers should do before allowing employees back into the warehouses is revisit the old procedures. There’s a significant difference between work protocols that were followed before the pandemic appeared.

Improving safety and employee satisfaction is not the ultimate priority of warehouse management teams. They don’t just have to make employees feel protected at work but also offer the necessary training to ensure long-term productivity.

Warehouse management workers need to implement a hands-on anti-COVID policy that will allow employees to handle material without contracting the virus. Since the COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease, it can transmit via dirty surfaces and direct in-person contact.

Warehouses must ensure safe distancing protocols and a digital system for material management. This can automatically reduce the need for physical employee collaboration and also translate into higher workplace performance.

Reconsider Employee Dogmata

The next thing warehouse management teams must do is revisit old employee policies. From hiring and recruitment to employee retention and benefits, everything must now align with the changing market landscape.

Addressing employee policies in warehouses can help employers become smarter in the long term. This crisis can be easily dealt with, with strategic codes that not just empower employees but also offer them adequate and professional training.

For example, by providing COVID-19 code-compliant forklift training in the UK, warehouse businesses can improve their employees’ performance. This will help workers feel more aware, informed, and expert at handling warehouse operations with safety.

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