R.S. Forklift Training Helps Operators Avoid an Obscured and Restrictive View While Operating a Forklift

Birmingham, U.K – February 26, 2022 : The forklift industry in the U.K and other parts of the world has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years. Even since forklifts were invented about a hundred years ago, they have proved to be a piece of valuable industry machinery that boosts productivity if used correctly. According to reports, the global forklift market is expected to grow significantly in value from under $45 billion in 2021 to $82.4 billion by 2030.

Over the last ten years, the forklift market in the U.K has grown dramatically from 17,000 units sold in 2009 to more than 35,000 units of forklifts sold in recent years. The growth has been exceptional and promises a bright future. The drastic growth and development in the forklift market can be credited to the increased activity in the food, manufacturing, retail, shipping, distributing, and construction industry. Thanks to the increased demand, more and more forklifts are being purchased and used in daily operations to boost productivity and efficiency.

Likewise, the growth in the use of forklifts has also led to an increase in the demand for professional and certified forklift operators. Forklift trucks are heavy-duty vehicles classified as massive pieces of machinery comprising various complex parts that require high levels of power. This is why not anyone can operate a forklift. Most people confuse driving and operating forklifts as the same thing. However, there’s a significant difference between the two. Operating forklifts requires a special kind of training and license.

Forklift certification is presented after completing training in the operational and safety aspects of driving a forklift truck. Lack or ignorance of training principles can lead to disastrous consequences for operators and employers alike. This is why more and more aspiring forklift operators are looking for reputable and accredited training centres in the U.K. One such training institute that has become the talk of the town is R.S. Forklift Training Birmingham.

R.S. Forklift Training is a fully approved and accredited RTITB forklift training centre based in the heart of Birmingham. They use the best training techniques and the latest equipment to assist trainee development. With over 25 years of training experience, R.S. Forklift Training Birmingham has successfully trained 11373 passed drivers on-site and 11274 drivers on the training premises. Additionally, they house 27 machines they utilize during their training programmes and practical learning assessments.

Thanks to the training centre’s exemplary services, businesses can help their employees maintain essential workplace regulations and codes to avert penalties and quality assurance failures. In addition, they can also minimize workplace accidents and outsource costs, improving the overall business structure and productivity.

At R.S. Forklift Training, business managers and business owners can go for the 1-day revision course, 3-day exercise, and 5-day beginner forklift modules along with flexible financing options for convenience. The experienced and licensed instructors at the training institute know the importance of combating workplace safety hazards and strive to train employees in operating, maintaining, and handling forklifts for streamlined and safe business operations.

Speaking about their training courses and programmes, a senior company spokesperson stated, “At R.S. Forklift Training, everything revolves around safety. From the training courses and practical assessments to written tests and post-certification experience, we train our operators to stay ahead of safety concerns every step of the way. From the moment they decide to become forklift operators to the time they pass out from our reputable institute with their certificates in hand, we ensure they don’t forget that safety is the first and foremost essence of their job. Each of our programmes is designed keeping in mind safety concerns and hazards that can disrupt the operator’s performance. We aim to produce quality and professional operators that can contribute to the growing industrial landscape.”

There are quite a few types of forklifts used across warehouses, shipping yards, harbour and ports, industrial sites, and construction spots. Some of the most common ones include Bendi trucks, scissor forklifts, and reach trucks. Since each forklift truck is designed to perform a particular task, the forklift operators in charge of managing and controlling the lift truck must get job-specific training.

At R.S. Forklift Training Centre, the teaching methods are of the highest standards and second to none. This effectively portrays the institute’s compliance with various government-introduced laws and legislations and their dedication to bringing the most advanced teaching methods. The instructors train aspiring learners to operate and handle various kinds of forklift trucks such as a counterbalance lift truck (electric, diesel, LPG), reach lift truck, order pickers, Bendi-Flexi0, PPT, and more.

Forklift controls include diverse factors such as load management, weight capacity improvement, visibility, and floor plan enhancement. At R.S. Forklift Training, workers and operators learn about best forklift practices and safety benefits. While forklift drivers need to have licenses to get a job, businesses should ensure operators receive additional training when required.

In addition to Birmingham, the institute also offers forklift training and instructor certification courses in Walsall, Coventry, Shirley, and many other locations across Midland.

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The R.S. Forklift Training Centre is a leading forklift training institute in the U.K., offering four training courses for forklift operators in Birmingham and surrounding areas. The accredited institution offers a rigorous classroom experience with discussions and written tests, on-site training, and strict evaluation of all the components provided in courses. They have provided forklift training for 18 years, meeting all RTITB criteria and HSE standards. Their qualified instructors are experts in giving detailed education to the trainees. They also provide excellent on-site training at designated workshops for enhanced learning.

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Phone: 0121 411 0727

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Address: Haden Works, Haden St, Birmingham, B12 9BH

Website: https://www.rsforkliftstraining.co.uk/



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