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At RS forklift training centres we believe that our duty is more than just providing the best forklift training in Birmingham and the West Midlands. As forklift training specialists we also use our experience in this field to help our candidates become aware of the best trucks and equipment there are in the market which will help them choose the best and eventually become the best.  
The idea behind this article is to let our candidates know which forklift manufacturers are the best in the business, trustworthy and give you value for your money. We will tell you about which manufacturers provide productive, safe and convenient forklifts and have become game-changers in this field not only in the U.K but all over the world. 
Toyota Industries Corp – This Japanese automobile giant has been around ever since the first forklift was made in 1939. Their umbrella of forklifts has several drivetrains and weight volumes. They are known for providing productivity and comfort and giving robust equipment along with their forklift trucks. It is for this reason that they are the number one forklift manufacturers in the world and have been so for more than a decade. 
Linde Forklift Trucks – The Kion Group is one of the largest forklift manufacturers with factories in 100 countries. Among its many forklift brands, some names that you might have heard are STILL, Fenwick and the most popular Linde forklift trucks. They provide the best forklift and material handling solutions and are known for their quality, variety and safety.   
The Jungheinrich Group – The Jungheinrich Group is the world’s 3rd largest logistics company in the world and they are widely known for producing the best range of electric forklift trucks for different purposes in the market. 
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks – Another Japanese giant that tops the market is the Mitsubishi Forklift Truck range which has top-class brands like Mitsubishi, Unicarriers and Nichiyu under their name. Need I say more?  
Crown Lift Trucks – When it comes to worldwide ranking Crown Lift Trucks has gripped the fifth spot beating many experienced brands and giving them a run for their money. The uniqueness of this brand lies in its offering of used and rental forklifts along with new models which are very convenient for beginners and small businesses.  
Komatsu Ltd. – Komatsu Ltd. became a popular brand after its association with the Linde Group which catapulted it into a huge success in forklift manufacturing in China. Komatsu Ltd. is known for manufacturing tough 36V and 48V electric forklift trucks. 
Hangcha Group – Hangcha Group is the most efficient among the lot with a whopping 150 forklift brands under its banner and each of the forklifts is carefully designed to be easily maintained and cost as low as possible for its owner in upkeeps and repairs. Most of their success came from their range of electric forklifts, both in a three-wheeler and four-wheeler models. 
In the end, all I want to say is forklifts are a long term investment so it is better to have full knowledge of what you want and what is out there and this is what our brands captured. They built a name for themselves by giving their customers what they most craved, which was quality, trust and comfort and what they got in return was loyalty, faith and alliance. 
We know that when high performance meets the latest technology it results in precision, efficiency and value, which is also what we aim to provide you through our training courses. Be it our counterbalance forklift training, our reach truck training or our bendi truck courses, we always make sure that we provide more than what we offer and build loyalties and trust just like these brands have done for their customers. 
For more information on forklift trucks visit RS Forklift Training Centres in Birmingham and West Midlands or find us on Google by typing “forklift training centre near me.”

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