RS Forklift Training Centre Offers a One-Day Refresher Course to Help People Renew Their License

Birmingham, England –Appropriate training and safety measures are necessary for keeping workplace injuries to a minimum. Employers need to provide a safe working environment for everyone. When the work involves operating machinery such as forklifts, a safe environment can be achieved with the help of forklift training courses in Midland.

RS Forklift Training Centre offers several forklift truck training programmes in Birmingham. The centre employs highly trained forklift instructors, and is fully accredited by the Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB).

Its offerings include a one-day refresher and retest course. Unlike the centre’s three-day and five-day forklift training courses, this refresher course is specially designed for trained and certified forklift operators whose license needs to be renewed.

Talking about the course, a representative for the company had this to say: “As the leading forklift training centre in the region, we know the importance of having in-depth knowledge of the machine you’re operating. Our refresher course is designed to deliver the pertinent information and hands-on practice over one day, so that forklift operators face no trouble in their license renewal. It’s quick, effective, and highly efficient. Once the operators get their license, they’re good for three years.”

The day-long course has theoretical and practical components. Participants begin in the classroom with an introduction to the course, followed by the operator’s safety code, and a film and theory test. Participants are introduced to the truck and its controls, and are tested on what they’ve learnt with an operator assessment. After the completion of remedial training as needed, participants are taught to carry out pre-use inspections. Lastly, their forklift operating skills are gauged in a practical test.

Michaela C., a forklift operator at a warehouse who recently took RS Forklift Training Centre’s refresher course, had a pleasant experience. She shared: “The people at RS really know their stuff. I had a wonderful instructor who made all the course material interesting to me, even though it was stuff I already knew. They made me feel really comfortable with the truck, and I managed to complete the assessments easily. I recommend them to my colleagues, and can picture myself going back there in another three years for a refresher.”

RS Forklift Training Centre is one of the foremost forklift training centres in the UK, and also offers the RTITB instructor course and RTITB re-registration course.

About RS Forklift Training Centre

RS Forklift Training Centre offers forklift novice courses, in-house instructor courses, and counterbalance lift truck training for a variety of skill levels. The centre is primarily based in Birmingham, with additional locations in Worcestershire, Coventry, Leeds, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, and West Bromwich.



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