RS Forklift Training Empowers Trainees to Improve Their Performance in Safer Workplace Environments

Birmingham, The UK – May 11, 2022: Business owners must fulfill their responsibilities for safeguarding their employees and implement measures to reduce risk to their business. Most of the accidents at a workplace occur due to a lack of operator training. Professional and regular forklift training increases operator safety awareness and minimises the risk of accidents.

Operating a forklift truck with professional training and skill will not only save the driver time but also increase productivity for the company. Handling trucks and loads efficiently will help achieve a faster turnaround on day-to-day tasks. Business owners are recommended to invest in forklift training for employees to improve staff retention and staff morale.

Studies demonstrated that forklift operators perform 61% better after getting certified training. Hiring staff without the required training or providing insufficient training to forklift operators can result in extensive penalties and fines for the company enforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). These penalties are likely to increase if employees are involved in an accident and if the employer is found negligent in their duty of care.

In 2021, a food packaging company received a hefty fine because a pedestrian suffered serious injuries after being hit by a forklift truck at work. The HSE found the company neglected safe working practices and hadn’t made a separate walkway for pedestrians to move away from forklift traffic.

Since forklift training hones maneouvring skills and loading handling performance, it can help reduce the risk of damage to goods being handled by the operator. Legislation under the HSE emphasizes adequate training for forklift operators. It also specifies that employers are responsible for hiring trained professionals to ensure the health and safety of employees.

Though forklift training is easy and requires little time to learn, it doesn’t mean safety shouldn’t be prioritised while operating it. RS Forklift Birmingham is one of the leading training centres in the UK. It serves as the ultimate platform for helping individuals become qualified forklift operators with their range of training courses. The RTITB-accredited institute facilitates workplaces and its trainees with their all-inclusive forklift training courses.

With more than 25 years of forklift training experience, professionals at RS Forklift Training Birmingham have trained 11274 drivers in training premises and 11373 passed drivers on-site. The institute is a reliable training centre among forklift operators in the UK as it’s known for providing its trainees with checkable and recognised qualifications.

When asked about their training courses, a company spokesperson said, “We believe in providing our trainees with skills and resources to help them become smart and well-trained forklift operators. In addition to improving performance and workplace safety awareness, our comprehensive courses include training in forklift truck maintenance and safety checks to reduce the risk of accidents. Our training programs aim to help businesses save money, time, and energy wasted on the outcomes of severe forklift accidents.”

“Our commitment towards creating a safe work environment can be seen through the number of training courses we offer to fulfill the needs of every individual. These courses include a 5-day novice training course, Bendi forklift training, 3-day training for experienced individuals, and a one-day Recertification/Refresher course. If you have never driven a forklift before but wish to earn a licence, we can provide you an exceptional forklift training experience.”

The institute also offers flexible financing solutions by offering comprehensive courses at reasonable prices. They help trainees reduce their financial constraints so they can immediately get employment after forklift training certification. Individuals who can’t take classes on weekdays can opt for their weekend classes.

To apply for their courses, the trainee must have proof of completing the counterbalance basic operating skills test within the past 12 months and have experience of at least six months as a counterbalance operator. These individuals are also required to have effective communication skills and the ability to represent themselves well in front of other trainees. Before receiving certification, they must pass a carefully crafted and well-organised examination comprising three elements, each carrying a different weightage.

Their forklift training program covers much more than just teaching how to pick, carry and drop items. In addition to all the operative work, the trainees are taught all the laws and regulations associated with this job. This allows them to learn more about the guidelines while operating forklift trucks in the workplace. The courses also include principles of lifting, confined and open area activities, forward and reverse steering activities, stability issues, provision and use of work equipment regulation 1998, and much more.

RS Forklift Training courses can be availed across Western Midland, UK. Their service areas include, but aren’t limited to, Dudley, Birmingham, Coventry, Walsall, and Shirley. The company is dedicated to fostering professionalism, safety, and efficiency in the workplace. Forklift operators who are at the beginning of their career, looking for an attractive employment opportunity, or trying to get a promotion at their current workplace must opt for forklift training. Without licence and adequate training, they will fail to meet regulatory requirements and excel in their job.

If the companies benefit from the training courses and ensure that they don’t hire untrained professionals, they can prevent accidents. Those interested in benefiting from the training courses can reach out to the company using the details below.

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The RS Forklift Training Centre is a leading forklift training institute in the UK, offering four training courses for forklift operators in Birmingham and surrounding areas. The accredited institution offers a rigorous classroom experience with discussions and written tests, on-site training, and strict evaluation of all the components provided in courses.

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