RS Forklift Training Helps Novice Operators Specialise in Operating a Counterbalance Lift Truck

Birmingham, April 15, 2022: Forklifts are one of the most powerful and useful machines on any working site as they’re used to carry heavy loads, handle materials, load and unload goods from delivery vehicles, and safely store them in hard to reach areas. The flexibility offered by forklifts makes them valuable machines. They can be found in most factories, construction sites, and warehouses where heavy material needs to be transported.

With various types of forklifts available, each offers a wide range of benefits that fulfill the unique needs of a company. A counterbalance forklift is one of the most popular choices when it comes to material handling. The vehicle can be driven up to the load or rack without extending arms. The forks directly stick out from the front of the vehicle, making it easier to grab goods on and off the shelves.

The counterbalance forklift is designed to counterbalance the machine’s weight with the load’s weight and usually has an extra weight at the back that offers greater stability. The vehicle comes in different electric models. Electric models have electric motors that power the machine and balance the load’s weight. These vehicles are specifically designed to operate easily in slender passageways and enclosed spaces where loading, unloading, stacking, and material loading can be extremely challenging.

Counterbalance forklifts come in 3-wheel options, allowing drivers to turn in circles without losing balance. These forklifts also make it easier for the operator to get on and off the vehicle between loads. Besides being very fast, they are ideal for working inside and outside the warehouse. But, because of their design and construction, they’re better suited to outdoor operations. Their lifting height is generally limited to 7.5m, while the normal working aisle adapted to these elements should provide 3.2 to 3.5 metres of free space.


To safely operate the counterbalance forklift, operators must take comprehensive training courses and acquire a licence. This ensures safe forklift operations on-site, reducing the risk of injuries and product damage. To prevent such accidents, RS Forklift Training Centre is training its employees throughout Birmingham. Their highly experienced instructors are dedicated to providing high-quality forklift training for the last 25 years. They also teach all about accidents that can occur in a workplace because of an improper forklift operation. This helps trainees understand risk management and accident prevention much better.

Speaking about their courses, a senior trainer at the RS Forklift Training said, “We understand the pain and the challenging situation associated with forklift accidents that cause costly losses, injuries, and even deaths. These accidents can cost the company its reputation, employee well-being, and workplace compliance. If they’re unable to optimize workplace safety, the company can get into a lot of trouble.”

“To prevent carelessness and the chances of errors during forklift operations, adequate forklift training is essential. Since hazardous materials such as chemicals need to be handled carefully, warehouses, construction, and manufacturing sites need proper expertise and professionalism. Our forklift training courses help trainees learn to operate counterbalance, scissor, conventional, and Bendi forklifts. We ensure a maximum of three trainees per instructor to ascertain in-depth training. Our one-day course is designed for safety, re-testing refreshers, while the 2-3 day course is for experienced but not licenced individuals. Moreover, those who have no experience at all can opt for our 5-day course.”

The leading training centre in Birmingham aims to create a safe and productive work environment, beneficial for employers and employees. Their experts teach all kinds of maintenance strategies and navigation skills required to prolong an equipment’s life and enhance energy efficiency. In addition to learning how to handle the vehicle and control its balance, trainees should be able to conduct regular inspections to prevent potential malfunctioning.

The RTITIB-accredited training institute also offers flexible financing solutions by offering all-inclusive courses at affordable prices. In addition to helping trainees reduce their financial constraints, experts at RS Forklift Training make it easier for them to get employment immediately after completing forklift training certification. For individuals who can’t take the classes on weekdays, the centre also offers weekend classes.

To apply for the course, the institute requires trainees to have proof of completing the counterbalance basic operating skills test within the past 12 months and have at least six months’ experience as a counterbalance operator. These individuals must also have excellent communication skills and the ability to handle themselves well in front of other trainees. Before being certified, they have to pass a carefully crafted and well-organised examination that comprises three elements, carrying different weightage.

The Associated Knowledge Test is a multiple-choice theory paper with 80% minimum passing marks. Practical Instructional Ability consists of a 40-minute session covering all fundamental operating skills. Lastly, the Basic Operating Skills Test for the counterbalance lift truck is also mandatory.

RS Forklift training centres are located throughout the West Midlands and towns and counties, including Stourbridge, Coventry, Telford, Cannock, Lichfield, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Shrewsbury, Dudley, Sandwell, Oldbury, Walsall, West Bromwich, Tamworth, and Wolverhampton.

If the companies benefit from the training courses and ensure that they don’t hire any untrained professionals, it can prevent accidents. Those interested in benefiting from the training courses can reach out to the company using the details below.


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The RS Forklift Training Centre is a leading forklift training institute in the UK, offering four training courses for forklift operators in Birmingham and surrounding areas. The accredited institution offers a rigorous classroom experience with discussions and written tests, on-site training, and strict evaluation of all the components provided in courses.

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