RS Forklift Training Introduces On-Site, Pragmatic Forklift Training Courses in the UK

Birmingham, UK – March 10th, 2022: Forklift trucks are an indispensable part of various business operations. Despite various health and safety hazards, they are commonly used vehicles in the manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse industries. According to statistics, around 1300 employees in the UK are hospitalized each year due to injuries resulting from forklift accidents at worksites.

While injuries and accidents are common for employees working in hazardous environments, it’s the employers’ responsibility to provide adequate forklift training. This has increased the determination for companies to invest in extensive forklift training programs to comply with HSE regulations and reduce the expenses occurring from these accidents.

Forklift trucks are an essential part of a wide range of industrial processes. The warehousing, construction, manufacturing, and other industries significantly rely on forklift operators to handle equipment and materials for their companies without compromising workplace safety. According to the HSE, some of the crucial requirements for all forklift drivers include obtaining a forklift driving license and being medically fit for the job.

RS Forklift Training is a highly regarded training institute in Birmingham with over 20 years of experience training forklift operators. They specialize in offering beginner and advanced level courses to help their trainees understand the basic forklift operating concepts and the significance of workplace safety. The training center is acknowledged for its reasonable training prices and a 97 percent passing rate among trainees.

While speaking about their practical training courses offered in the UK, a company spokesperson commented, “Most businesses often make the mistake of neglecting the importance of forklift training. Not providing forklift personnel with adequate training regarding equipment safety controls and balance is a grave mistake with potentially serious consequences. At RS Forklift Training, our main focus is to train employees with practical experience and knowledge. Aspiring forklift operators can contact us regarding the course they would like to opt for, get training with written tests and discussions, on-site training, and strict evaluation of all aspects, and finally, get a forklift training certificate.”

Various types of forklifts are used at warehouses, shipping yards, harbor and ports, industrial sites, and construction spots. Some of the most common include Bendi trucks, scissor forklifts, and reach trucks. Since each forklift truck is designed to perform a specific task, the forklift operators in charge of managing and controlling them must receive job-specific training.

At RS Forklift Training, businesses can book scissor forklift training courses for the entire team. The center offers special discounts on group bookings. Their scissor forklift training course is extremely comprehensive. It comprises of the basics as well as complete pragmatic learning and assessment of various forklift aspects such as fuelling, refueling, safety filming, load weight assessment, safe hydraulic control usage, etc.

Likewise, the training center also provides Bendi forklift training courses. Bendi forklifts are extremely valuable. They’re used at warehouses, retail stores, factories, construction worksites, and commercial ports. While Bendi Forklifts have their unique advantages, employers must hire expert and trained forklift operators to operate them safely and correctly.

Regulatory compliance is another major reason businesses in the UK must invest in forklift training. With the latest strict punishment laws, any breach in legislation will result in prosecution and fines. This is why businesses need to stay on top of legislation and laws. RS Forklift Training offers affordable forklift training services to help businesses stay compliant with codes and regulations.

Their forklift training also enables workers to enhance their mental and physical comfort when driving a forklift. Driving and operating a forklift are two very different things. While driving a forklift may seem like a piece of cake, successfully operating one poses several challenges. These challenges can only be overcome with significant training efforts.

On another occasion, a company representative said, “The forklift industry in the UK is slowly but surely gaining momentum. More and more businesses are employing forklifts to enhance productivity and boost efficiency in the workplace. For this, businesses are also rigorously providing employees with forklift training opportunities. Our institute enjoys a strong reputation in Birmingham and surrounding locations. Our offerings not only include forklift instructor certificate course but also several effective programs for beginners and newbies.”

RS Forklift Training offers immaculate RTITB instructor courses and operational safety forklift driving courses to help businesses develop employee safety and promote wellbeing. Their on-site training courses include a 1-day refresher course, 3-day experience training, 5-day training, and Bendi forklift training. It also offers special weekend courses at selected locations for workers and operators who cannot attend weekday sessions to expand their reach.

Besides Birmingham, the institute also offers forklift training and instructor certification courses in Walsall, Coventry, Shirley, and many other locations across Midland. RS Forklift Training also offers Bendi forklift training and expert-level forklift training courses across Worcestershire, Birmingham, and many other locations in Midland, UK.

In addition to their exemplary customer service, RS Forklift Training ensures a safe online booking process for its customers. The leading training institute offers bundle packages, and their basic training courses start at £49.99. The forklift training institute in Birmingham also helps operators get suitable employment opportunities.

Their work doesn’t stop at giving a certification. They also help newly trained forklift operators find suitable jobs and make a decent living. They help forklift operators grow and evolve into experts who eventually become instructors after gaining relevant experience. They offer translation services for non-native trainees and flexible financing solutions to ensure maximum affordability.

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