RS Forklift Training Offers Busy Workers Convenient Weekend Forklift Training Courses

Coventry, UK – March 22nd, 2022: Workers in Britain are looking for forklift certification from reputed forklift training instructors to find better-paying jobs as forklift operators. For over twenty years, RS Forklift Training has been providing professional forklift training to new and experienced forklift drivers all over the United Kingdom at the most affordable rates.

A forklift training institute that offers courses at the novice, intermediate and expert levels, RS Forklift Training holds classes in many different cities across the UK, including Coventry, Birmingham, Staffordshire, Leicester, Warwickshire, Leeds, Sandwell, and Manchester. The company offers weekend forklift training courses with their RTITB proficient forklift instructors to facilitate their trainees. This way, they ensure that no worker is left behind due to work and other commitments that might prevent them from attending classes on weekdays.

A company representative talked to us about why affordable forklift certification is the need of the hour for workers in the United Kingdom. “Thousands of workers require forklift certification to find a job as a forklift operator. The way we see it, our mission is to provide the highest quality forklift training to these men and women for prices that they or the companies that employ them can afford. This way, businesses are encouraged to send their employees for training at our forklift institute, so the work we do plays a big part in improving workplace safety in warehouses and factories where forklifts are used.”

Around 1300 workers are hospitalized with injuries from forklift-related accidents every year in the United Kingdom. Often, these workers are poorly trained and do not possess the skills needed to load and unload forklifts properly, carry out forklift safety inspections, and centre heavy loads on the vehicle. RS Forklift Training aims to prevent workplace accidents by giving workers rigorous forklift training and educating them in all aspects of the job.

As of now, the list of courses the company offers includes one-day refresher courses for seasoned forklift operators, two-day courses for skilled workers, and four-day or five-day courses for beginners who wish to obtain their first forklift license. The company’s clients include businesses and individual workers who are looking for forklift training from a reputable institute to improve their resume and increase their chances of finding a better-paying forklift job.

The representative from RS Forklift Training told us more about what the institute actually teaches in its forklift training courses. “Our training centres include all the necessary equipment including racking, stillage, and pallets, different loads including one-tonne loads as well as unevenly distributed loads. In addition to that, we make all our candidates go through an RTITB-approved test course which includes chicane exercises, turning and reversing in narrow isles, practical operation, and teaching them how to lift loads to heights upto three metres.”

Every single classroom, no matter which part of the country it is located in, comes fully equipped with a Plasma television for important video presentations and Health & Safety training, which all candidates need to prepare for the written examination. At the end of each training course, all candidates have to complete practical tests to demonstrate their ability to drive, steer, load, and unload a forklift. This is followed by a comprehensive written assessment that they need to pass in order to get their forklift certification.

Candidates who qualify as licensed forklift operators from RS Forklift Training are registered on the nationwide NORS database and receive a special registration number. This number attests to the fact that they have successfully completed their forklift training, obtained their license, and their current, as well as future employer(s), can use the database to cross-check their qualification as a forklift operator.

Apart from the excellent infrastructure, exceptional instructors, and welcoming environment at their training centres, RS Forklifts also ensures that forklift training takes place in small groups. This allows each trainee to feel like they are getting the attention they need from their instructors and learn the basics of forklift driving at their own pace.

RS Forklift’s training services are planned according to the latest HSE standards, and they are fully approved according to the RTITB Forklift Training Centre based in Birmingham. Plus, they offer companies on-site forklift training so that their employees can work in their own warehouse and on their own forklift equipment. However, trainees also have the option of training in the academy’s own training centres, which are fully equipped and have all the necessary tools candidates will need to complete their forklift training course.

What’s more, the company also offers to give interested individuals a free quote if they wish to know approximately how much it will cost to complete one of their forklift training courses.

Individuals and companies looking for professional forklift training services with the best RTITB proficient instructors can reach out to RS Forklift Training using the contact information provided below.

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RS Forklift Training is an RTITB Approved and Accredited Forklift Training Provider offering affordable forklift training courses in many cities across the UK, including Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Manchester, Solihull, Warwickshire, Sandwell, and Leeds. The company has been conducting professional forklift training for workers all over the UK for 20 years.

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