RS Forklift Training Offers Comprehensive and Quality RTITB Certificate Courses in Midland

Birmingham, UK – February 26, 2022 Forklifts are essential heavy-duty equipment vehicles used at several kinds of commercial and industrial sites. They’re extremely helpful in loading, carrying, moving, and unloading weights from one point to another. However, navigating and operating a forklift isn’t as easy as it might seem. That’s why industrial and workplace managers must find reliable forklift training courses for their employees.

RS Forklift Training is a leading forklift training institute offering a diverse number of RTITB accredited certificate courses in Midland, UK. The institute has a team of adept and highly trained forklift instructors who can help new and seasoned candidates with safety and operational training.

Elaborating on the company’s services, a senior representative from the company said, “RS Forklift Training is one of best forklift training institutes in the Midland area. We’re focused on providing a highly modern environment for our trainees. Our qualified forklift trainers can help beginners understand the ins and outs of navigating a forklift. They can also help seasoned operators get certified and enhance their professional expertise.”

Forklift training courses and RTITB accredited certificates in Birmingham can be very expensive, especially if a company is trying to get its employees trained. RS Forklift Safety offers financing options, weekend courses, help with employment, and translators for desired results.

“At RS Forklift Training, we offer different types of forklift training programmes to meet the unique needs of each client. We’re dedicated to making forklift training safer, more effective, and convenient. What’s more, we can help aspiring forklift operators seek and catch lucrative employment opportunities and earn up to £22K!” the senior representative continued to say.

RS Forklift Training offer impeccable RTITB instructor courses and operational safety forklift driving courses to help companies make their workplaces safer. Their courses include a 1-day refresher course, 3-day experience training, 5-day training, and Bendi forklift training. Moreover, the institute is trying to ensure the maximum safety of trainees and forklift instructors during the pandemic.

RS Forklift Training has recently introduced special discounts on training bundles for three categorised trucks. They’re also offering discounts on beginners training to help trainees easily afford the cost of RTITB accredited certificate courses and other forklift training courses in Birmingham.

In addition to Birmingham, the institute also offers forklift training and instructor certification courses in Walsall, Coventry, Shirley, and many other locations across Midland.

Interested individuals can get in touch with RS Forklift Training using the details given below.

About the Company

The RS Forklift Training Centre is a leading forklift training institute in the UK, offering four training courses for forklift operators in Birmingham and surrounding areas. The accredited institution offers a rigorous classroom experience with discussions and written tests, on-site training, and strict evaluation of all the components provided in courses.

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