RS Forklift Training Opens Doors to More Opportunities for Enrolled Operators

Birmingham, U.K – April 11, 2022: Certified forklift operators are in high demand across various industries, promising aspiring operators excellent flexibility, remuneration, job security, and growth. In the construction, shipping, and warehouse management industry, forklift operators earn a handsome amount of money. However, to become a forklift operator, a fair amount of training and an accredited certification are necessary.

Forklift trucks have emerged as revolutionary industrial machinery in recent years. From the shipping and port facilities to the construction and food industry, forklift trucks are integral to business operations across various industries and niches. Despite many health and safety hazards, they are one of the most commonly used vehicles. Commercial and industrial businesses that utilize forklifts in their daily operations must establish employee safety, health, and welfare as their top priority. According to various reports, no less than 100 workers suffer from injuries and loss of life due to hazardous forklift practices at work.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), forklifts make up a quarter of all UK workplace accidents related to transport on average. Despite being a valuable asset, forklifts can often result in liabilities due to incorrect and careless usage. The Health and Safety Executive deems it to be the responsibility of employers to provide operators with sufficient training opportunities, ensuring safety and productivity.

In addition, forklift training is not only important for safety purposes, but it’s also essential for operators to grow and progress in their careers. Sufficient training and experience can help forklift operators earn more lucrative career opportunities such as supervisors, managers, business owners, technicians, and forklift course instructors. While the average annual salary of a forklift operator lies between £17,000 to £30,000, they can earn significantly more as they progress and gain hands-on experience working in different roles across versatile industrial landscapes.

One such forklift truck training institute that has successfully risen to the challenge and emerged as a game-changer in the forklift training arena is RS Forklift Training in Birmingham, U.K. The Birmingham-based forklift training institute offers the best training programs for instructors and workers. The institute aims to ensure that every business in the UK has access to proper and accredited forklift training services.

Commercial and industrial clients can book scissor forklift training courses for the entire team of operators at the institute. The centre also offers special discounts on group bookings. Their scissor forklift training course is extremely comprehensive. It comprises basics as well as complete pragmatic learning and assessment of various forklift aspects such as fuelling, refuelling, safety filming, load weight assessment, safe hydraulic control usage, etc.

What’s more, the forklift instructor course allows certified forklift operators to train other workers and become RTITB proficient forklift instructors within 10 to 12 days. This course also serves as a rewarding opportunity for potential instructors. Thanks to the institute’s affiliation with many leading agencies and private companies, they have become a medium for many trained forklift operators to gain well-paid job prospects earning an annual salary between GBP 35,000 to 40,000.

Speaking about their forklift training programmes, a company spokesperson commented, “As a leading institute in the forklift training arena, we have been making waves with our high-quality training services and excellent courses. We cater to all kinds of clients and prioritize their safety and convenience above everything else. For instance, we have flexible timings and training schedules for trainees. We understand that people have busy schedules and financial obligations, which is why we try to accommodate them in every way possible so they can reach new heights of success every day.”

Additionally, regulatory compliance is one of the main reasons businesses in the UK must devote resources to forklift training. With the strict punishment laws, any breach in legislation will result in prosecution and fines. This is why businesses need to stay on top of legislation and laws. RS Forklift Training offers affordable forklift training services to help businesses stay compliant with codes and regulations. The leading institute offers affordable forklift training programmes starting at a reasonable price of £49.99 only. Plus, they also cater to their client’s financial needs by offering flexible payment options and discounts.

At the RS Forklift Training Centre, practising operators can get hands-on practical experience through their versatile forklift training programmes that can help them polish their skills and stay updated regarding the latest technological developments and safety regulations. Their courses include forklift refresher course, counterbalance lift truck training, forklift novice course, pedestrian pallet truck course, bendi lift truck training course, scissors lift training course, reach truck refresher course, and more.

RS Forklift Training offers an all-inclusive forklift training solution that comprises all kinds of basic and advanced modules like principles of Lifting, stability optimisation, forward and reverses steering controls, confined and open area navigation, transferring palletised loads, and forklift maintenance.

It’s fair to say the RS Forklift Training has upheld its reputation as a valuable asset for businesses and operators alike. With their state-of-the-art onsite training facility and accredited RTITB courses, they have paved the way for a modernized and holistic approach to safe forklift training.

Readers looking to avail themselves of their top-notch training programmes can contact the training centre using the contact details below.

About the Company

The RS Forklift Training Centre is a leading forklift training institute in the UK, offering four training courses for forklift operators in Birmingham and surrounding areas. The accredited institution offers a rigorous classroom experience with discussions and written tests, onsite training, and strict evaluation of all the components provided in courses. They have provided forklift training for 18 years, which meets all RTITB criteria and HSE standards. Their qualified instructors are experts in giving detailed education to the trainees. They also provide excellent onsite training at designated workshops for enhanced learning.

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