RS Forklift Training Provides Refresher, Conversion, Skilled, and Beginner Courses under the RTITB Criteria in West Midlands

Birmingham, The UK – March 15th, 2022: If there’s one vehicle that plays a pivotal role in business operations, it’s a forklift truck. Forklift trucks can also be regarded as massive pieces of vehicle or machinery consisting of numerous heavy-duty parts and a significant amount of power. It’s safe to say that forklift trucks often simplify a wide range of tasks related to material transportation and handling. However, their operation also makes people and property vulnerable to damage, injury, or even death without the right forklift training.

Therefore, there’s always been a significant emphasis on helping individuals acquire their forklift licence before becoming operators. Forklift training has a massive role to play during the process of preventing a wide range of accidents and damage. This includes items and materials slipping off the forklift’s pallets, being punctured due to overturns, spillage of chemicals and hazardous solvents at the workplace, collisions, tip-overs, and many other similar accidents.

Surveys worldwide indicate that around 28.5 per cent of total workplace incidents are an outcome of a tipping or falling forklift load. This ultimately proves how around 34 per cent of workers were injured or died due to inadequate operation of heavy-duty machinery in 2015. Apart from putting people and property at risk, forklift accidents also increase a business’s burden by elevating their losses, wasting a significant amount of time, and disrupting their overall cash flow.

Not everyone is a forklift expert. This means, not everyone is suitable for a job related to forklift operation without proper training and assistance. RS Forklift Birmingham is one of the most reliable training centres in the UK that has been serving as the ultimate avenue for helping people become qualified forklift operators with their wide range of training courses. It’s an RTITB-accredited institute that continues to facilitate workplaces and its trainees with their forklift training courses.

With over 25 years of forklift training experience, RS Forklift Training Birmingham has trained 11373 passed drivers on-site and 11274 drivers on training premises. The institute is a leading training centre among most forklift operators because it’s known for providing its trainees with recognised and checkable qualifications.

When asked about their training courses, a company spokesperson said, “Our primary aim is to not only equip our trainees with the skills and resources to become smart and well-trained forklift operators, but to also help workplaces save a significant amount of time, energy, and money that’s wasted on the outcomes of dangerous forklift accidents.

“Our dedication and will to make a difference shows in the number of training courses we offer to cater to everyone’s individual needs. These courses include a one-day Refresher / Recertification course, 3-day training for experienced individuals, Bendi forklift training, and a 5-day novice training course.”

Their beginner courses include a refresher course and a 5 -day course for novice trainees. The refresher course is a one-day training session that’s taken by people looking to renew their forklift operation licence. The aim of this course is to help trainees go over the basic forklift operation concepts, conduct essential demonstrations, revise safety guidelines, and take written and practical tests to ensure they’re well-qualified and prepared to continue their journey as forklift operators.

The 5-day course serves as an introduction to forklift technicalities, driving, operation, and safety for trainees who are entirely new to the concept of forklift training. The outline of this course is based on the regulations and guidelines put forward by ACOP published by the HSE. Furthermore, this course is implemented after approval by the RTITB Training Board Standards Limited.

On the other hand, their 3-day course is a comprehensive training course for experienced individuals who don’t necessarily have the formal training related to forklift operation and safety. In other words, the three-day skilled people course aims to assist experienced forklift operators in making the best use of their skills and talents by acquiring the basic forklift knowledge and accredited certification along with it.

When inquired about the course content in all training programmes, an institution spokesperson said, “All our training courses are developed to adapt to our trainees’ needs. They all aim to prepare individuals and enable them to secure better-paying forklift-related jobs. All our instructors have RTITB accreditation, which ultimately enables them to impart knowledge based on the RTITB guidelines. Every course consists of theoretical discussions, on-site demonstration and practice, written tests, and verbal interviews.”

The teaching methods at RS Forklift Training Centre are of some of the highest standards. This shows in the institute’s adaptability to various advanced teaching methods. Their instructors train candidates to learn to operate and handle various kinds of forklift trucks, including a counterbalance lift truck (electric, diesel, LPG), reach lift truck, order pickers, Bendi-Flexi0, PPT, and more.

The training fee for all courses at RS Forklift Training Birmingham is affordable and cost-effective. The institute also caters to trainees with financial constraints by offering a wide range of financing operations. Additionally, their instructor course serves as an excellent source of opportunity for trainees looking to get employment immediately after acquiring forklift training certification.

It’s safe to say that RS Forklift Training continues to make a difference and prevent hazardous workplace incidents by providing its trainees with an exceptional learning experience. Furthermore, their compliance with RTITB guidelines makes their course content and teaching methods all the more reliable than any other forklift training institute in the West Midlands.

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The RS Forklift Training Centre is a leading forklift training institute in the UK, offering four training courses for forklift operators in Birmingham and surrounding areas. The accredited institution offers a rigorous classroom experience with discussions and written tests, on-site training, and strict evaluation of all the components provided in courses.

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