RS Forklifts Offers Bendi Lift Truck Training for Forklift Drivers in Birmingham

Dudley, UK – March 18th, 2022: For forklift operators, on-site training is best as it helps them work with forklifts that their company actually uses, and training takes place on company premises. Forklift training courses also have to be customized according to the kind of forklift that is used. RS Forklift Training is a leading forklift training provider in the United Kingdom that has been offering Bendi lift truck training in many cities, including Birmingham, Manchester, Dudley, Coventry, Leeds, and Southampton for the last twenty years.

The Bendi truck is used in many warehouses across the UK because this forklift model is well-suited for warehouses that have narrow aisles. The machine’s unique design allows the truck to stack full pallets in narrow aisles in a way that still allows the vehicle to operate in yards where it can unload materials from lorries and carry out other related tasks like counterbalance weights or act as a reach truck. Given the fact that Bendi trucks can perform all these tasks, they are a truly multi-functional kind of forklift. For this reason, they are amongst the most popular forklifts used by companies across the UK.

A company representative from RS Forklift Training told us that Bendi lift truck training is best for businesses that have warehouses with narrow aisles. “Bendi trucks are affordable and also among the easiest forklifts to use. This makes them a favourite with employers all over the country. Our Bendi forklift training course trains workers how to maneuver these vehicles in warehouses and factories with narrow aisles and tight spots.”

RS Forklift Training offers both on-site Bendi lift truck training, which takes place on company premises with their forklifts, as well as in-house training, which takes place in its own classrooms. The forklift training provider is the only one that offers on-site forklift training in Birmingham for workers who wish to learn how to operate Bendi lift trucks.

Speaking to us, the company representative told us that workers for whom English is not their first language can choose to obtain their training with instructors who will speak their native language. Many Eastern Europeans seek forklift training in the UK, and RS Forklifts employ RTITB proficient instructors who are capable of conducting training sessions in languages other than English as well.

The course content for the Bendi lift truck training classes covers all the safety legislation that has been issued with regard to narrow aisle pivot steer truck training for drivers. The modules in each training session cover theoretical, pre-operational, and practical tests. Upon successfully completing a Bendi lift truck training course, each trainee will be issued an RTITB accredited certificate and an ID card. Both these things are included in the registration fee that candidates pay for the course.

The company is committed to holding training sessions in smaller groups so that each candidate can receive adequate attention from the instructors. 33 trainees will be trained in each batch. As far as course duration goes, there are 1-day refresher training,
2-3 days of training for experienced workers who are not yet licensed, and 5-day novice courses for drivers who lack any experience and wish to obtain their first forklift license.

There are also conversion courses that can be completed in one to two days.

The company representative told us that they hire only RTITB proficient instructors to deliver Bendi forklift training. “We take our forklift training courses seriously, so all our Bendi and Flexi truck forklift trainers have at least ten years of experience training candidates on our company premises.”

Elaborating on his comments, the representative told us how the company has maintained its standards during the entire time that they have been in the industry. “When you’re a forklift operator, the slightest misstep or oversight at work can translate into nasty accidents that don’t just cause injury but also result in damages and costly repairs for the company. That’s why companies across the United Kingdom trust us to train their employees – from the best safety practices to how to perform proper safety inspections; our forklift training courses cover everything in meticulous detail.”

With hundreds of training centres spread throughout the country, RS Forklifts ensures that workers everywhere in the UK have access to their affordable training courses. The company offers well-equipped classrooms with small group sizes so that each trainee receives individual attention from their instructors. From on-site training to RTITB approved safety procedures, the institute prides itself on focusing on every aspect of forklift training, ensuring that their courses produce the best forklift operators who will prove to be real assets to their employers.

Companies and workers who wish to obtain proper forklift certification or enroll in a professional Bendi lift truck training course can reach out to RS Forklift Training using the contact information provided below.Top of Form

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