RS Forklifts Provides Affordable Forklift Training Courses in Leicestershire to Help Workers Find Employment

Leicestershire, UK – March 25th, 2022: In the United Kingdom, proper forklift certification is legally required by workplaces that hire forklift operators in their warehouses and factories. For over twenty years, RS Forklift Training has been offering affordable forklift training courses in Leicestershire and many other cities across the United Kingdom to thousands of aspiring forklift operators.

The company offers a range of forklift training courses for workers depending on their current level of skill and expertise when operating forklifts. There are 1-day refresher or re-certification courses for workers who wish to renew their existing forklift certification. 2-day and 3-day courses for experienced forklift operators who require advanced training. And 4-day and 5-day courses for novices who have little to no experience operating forklifts in the workplace and need to obtain proper forklift certification.

Workers who are unsure about which course would be the right fit for them are advised to visit RS Forklift Training centre for a free practical assessment with a qualified instructor who will then recommend the right course for them.

A representative from RS Forklift Training explained how the company is committed to maintaining its reputation as the gold standard in forklift training across the UK. “For over 20 years, workers from all over the United Kingdom have been coming to us to learn all there is to know about being a forklift operator. This is a high-stakes job in which poorly trained workers risk injury to themselves and others as well as damages to the workplace. We want to make sure that every worker who completes our training program is fully qualified for the job, so we’re committed to offering the best in forklift training.”

As demand for goods and services grows across Britain, increasing numbers of companies and businesses are looking for forklift operators to work on loading and transporting materials in warehouses and factories. Cities such as Birmingham and Manchester, other than being known for their cultural attractions, are also some of Britain’s fastest-growing commercial and industrial hubs. The rapid proliferation of jobs in the mining industry, in public administration, in the service sector, and the health sector is leading to a growing demand for forklift operators that increases every year. For the past twenty years, RS Forklift Training has been catering to the increasing numbers of workers in the United Kingdom who are seeking professional forklift training.

Adding to his comments, the company representative further told us how their clients, ranging from companies to individual workers, have been highly satisfied with the quality of their forklift training programs and their instructors. “Since the time we started out as a forklift training provider in the industry till today, we’re proud to say that we have successfully served thousands of customers, both individuals as well as company members who have reported their satisfaction with our premium forklift training services.”

In all their training centres across the United Kingdom, every single classroom where forklift training takes place is fully equipped with a Plasma TV for video-based tutorials, presentations and health and safety guidelines. This helps provide holistic training to all aspiring forklift operators so that they can be well prepared for the theoretical exam. The theoretical component is as important in forklift training as a hands-on approach that teaches the workers how to operate forklift machines. The operational training is done in the practical component of the training program.

Each training centre also houses both counterbalance forklifts (which are used for loading and unloading vehicles and transporting goods in open or outdoor spaces, such as yards and warehouses) as well as reach forklifts (which are used in more confined indoor areas and in narrow aisles in warehouses). Being fully equipped with all the necessary tools and machinery ensures that all trainees receive the best forklift training possible. The company representative confirmed that the team at RS Forklifts goes out of their way to provide the best customized forklift training experience to all their trainees. “We have a reputation to maintain as one of the United Kingdom’s foremost forklift training providers. When our trainees start their first job as a forklift operator or go back to their old job after learning new skills, we want them to know everything there is to know about operating a forklift. So we make sure we leave no stone unturned in our training programs.”

For this reason, RS Forklift hires highly qualified RTITB proficient instructors to impart forklift training to all trainees. All trainees also learn about battery care and maintenance, how to conduct a thorough pre-use forklift inspection, pallet and load assessment, forklift truck attachments, how to drive on inclines and rough terrain, and operator safety code.

After the presentations and training are completed, all aspiring forklift operators are assigned practical assessments along with a written assessment to assess their skill and knowledge at the end of the training program. Trainees who succeed in the written and practical tests are registered on the NORS database, and each worker receives a unique registration number. Through this registration number, both the forklift operator as well as their employer can check and verify that their training has been successfully completed and that they are now licensed to work as a forklift operator anywhere in the United Kingdom.

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RS Forklift Training is an RTITB Approved and Accredited Forklift Training Provider offering affordable forklift training courses in many cities across the UK, including Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Manchester, Solihull, Warwickshire, Sandwell and Leeds. The company has been conducting professional forklift training for workers all over the UK for 20 years.

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