Types of Reach Trucks

What are Reach Trucks?
A reach truck is specially designed for operating in narrow aisles, they help pick/drop and store payload in tight and high spaces which are beyond the reach of an operator. They are used in warehouses but are superior to other warehouse forklifts as their forks can reach the topmost racks easily, it also has an open sideways compartment for the operator which provides better visibility of the area and avoid accidents.
Pantograph Trucks 
Pantographic trucks are designed like a scissor which extends its forks away from the mast and directly under the load, due to this feature it is important to have no bars in the bottom rack while using this truck, otherwise have smaller tires or higher bottom bars so that the forks can reach under bottom loads too. They are designed to have both single as well as double reach configuration, and their lifting capacity increases if extended entirely at double reaching. A disadvantage of this truck is that it includes more mechanical moving parts increasing the chances of failures and binding. 
Moving Mast Reach Trucks 
A moving mast reach truck is powered by a hydraulic system that supports the entire mast and helps it move forward and drive smoothly especially in narrow aisles. The centre of gravity in this truck is closer to the mast and are designed with larger diameters enabling enhanced ground clearance. These truck have fewer moving parts resulting in fewer failures and bindings. The only disadvantage of this truck is that it cannot manage double deep racking and requires attachments like fork extension to carry out such tasks. 
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