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Rs forklift training

Rs forklifts training

Warehouses are mostly jam-packed with products that need to be organized most efficiently. Be it light-weighted products or heavy loads, they are hundreds and thousands in quantity at warehouses and it will take years for workers to manually load/unload them serially, hence they need forklifts to do this job. 
Forklifts not only help in loading/unloading products but are also used to organize them on top of racks. Sometimes these racks are so high up or hard to reach that even the most modified forklifts fail to reach such places. Hence there are some specially designed forklifts made for these narrow aisles and tight spaces. Here are some of the best narrow aisle forklifts that you must learn about.  
Flexi Truck or a Bendi truck is a much convenient version of the reach forklift which is bent in the middle just like a counterbalance forklift, thus giving it the power to operate in the narrowest aisles as well as the highest of the racks. This unique ability eradicates the need for double handling a load and creates more pallet position by reducing the width of the passage. Bendi/Flexi forklifts are perfect for operating in bulk storage, crowded industrial areas, drive-in rack structure and push back areas. 
Pedestrian Pallet trucks are small-sized manual or motorized forklifts that can reach the tightest and challenging spaces to lift or place payloads. Although they are less modified than other trucks they can lift much more heavy loads than many of the top-notch forklifts in the market. 
They are used for ground-level operations and organize loads that need to be put on the ground level, especially in tight spaces, their small size helps them fit into narrow aisles and put in or pick up payloads easily even if they are placed in the most difficult angles. Operators stand on a platform behind the forks and operate it from there, the motorized version moves with the help of a throttle and is steered by using the handle. 
A Scissor lift truck is a motorized vehicle with railed platforms that are raised high above the ground to perform tasks on the upper racks. It has traversed metal supports that resemble the shape of a scissor, which are responsible for raising it, thus giving it the name scissor lift truck. It runs both on gas and electric power and lifts both loads as well as operators to heights. 
The purpose of this lift truck is to reach difficult high spaces which are impossible to reach by operators or by other forklifts. It acts as an automatic ladder for operators to reach topmost racks and perform required tasks. The platform on top of the lift is covered by railings on all sides so the chances of any accidents occurring are comparatively low but still driving while the platform is raised is still prohibited. 
Very Narrow Aisle Truck (VNA) or also known as the Turret Truck, as the name suggests, is specifically designed to do only one task, manage order picking and pallet handling in very narrow aisles. This forklift is different from its counterparts because apart from the load this forklift lifts the operator to a certain height to get a better view of the load in a narrow aisle and reduce the chances of any accidents during racking. It is superior to the traditional reach and counterbalance trucks as it can easily reach a height of 14 – 16 metres. 
The forks on this truck also contribute in increases efficiency by sliding under the load and gripping it correctly and by rotating 180 degrees allowing access to two parallel shelves at the same time without having to turn. One thing to remember about this truck is that due to its specific nature it can’t be for used loading/unloading operations like other trucks in its class. 
RS Forklift Training Centres
Operating such forklifts require dedicated training so it’s always good to go for a forklift training course before operating these trucks. Unfortunately, there aren’t many good training centres that give narrow aisle forklift training but if you are looking for bendi truck courses in Birmingham or anywhere in the West Midlands then we are at your service. 
RS Forklift Training Centres are among the very few forklift training centres that specialize in narrow aisle forklift training. Be it reach truck refresher courses or counterbalance lift truck up to 5 tone training courses, our instructors have produced more highly trained forklift operators in the last year than many other prestigious training centres, especially through narrow aisle forklift courses like PPT training in Birmingham and West Midlands. 
So if narrow aisles are something that is between you and becoming a skilled forklift operator then consider it a problem of the past because we will help you overcome all weaknesses and secure a better future. Come join us at RS Forklift Training Centres Birmingham and West Midlands. 
For more information on forklift trucks visit RS Forklift Training Centres in Birmingham and West Midlands or find us on Google by typing “forklift training near me.”

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