Forklift Practical Test

Forklift practical tests are a crucial part of the forklift training courses, at the end of every forklift training course a practical test is taken along with a written test. While a written test showcases your cognitive knowledge about a forklift, how well you have understood the machine, its parts and its working. A practical test on the other hand puts your written knowledge to test, whatever you learn theoretically cannot be retained by your brain entirely unless you put your knowledge into practical use.
Giving a practical test can be nerve-wracking because it’s the last phase of the training which will be an important factor in determining whether you get a certificate or not. Don’t be nervous, it will only lead to mistakes, firstly remember it’s only an exam, you will get more chances if you don’t make it this time. Remain calm, remember your training and give it your best shot. Let me give you some guidelines on how to win your practical test.
Remember everything you do will be noted by your instructor and you will be marked accordingly so make sure you stay calm and do it one step at a time. Once you enter the forklift be sure to wear your seatbelt first, when the forklift starts to move remember to use turn signals. Maintain an appropriate speed and manoeuvre carefully at ramps and other blocks, and slow down at intersections to look out for any other forklift or personnel.
Driving a forklift is not the main job instead loading/unloading is the essence of forklift operations, and if you do this correctly then only you can be called a skilled forklift operator. Be careful while picking up the load and make sure it is secured properly onto the forks and when it is secure, manoeuvre very careful. Don’t rush, examine every aisle carefully and avoid any collisions. When you reach your destination unload the payload and carefully place it on the rack.
The above steps are what your practical test will consist of and if you pass and are hired by a facility then both your practical as well as written knowledge will help succeed at your job. While your practical knowledge will help you operate a forklift, your written knowledge will help you manage a forklift. Here are some guidelines a written test will teach you.
A forklift comes with an operation and maintenance procedure, understand it and learn it because it will help you understand the model especially during breakdowns. Recognize the load capacity of the forklift and the application of the stability triangle to the forklift. Keep an eye out for the time of refuel/recharge of the vehicle and understand how to use its attachments and special parts. Examine the facility where you work and identify any hazards that can damage the truck and keep out of the areas where pedestrian or forklift rush is heavy, move carefully in such areas.
All the above-mentioned points don’t come naturally to anyone, they need to be taught by skilled professionals. A good forklift training institute will be able to instil all this information in a student without it seeming like a burden. So if you are looking for an RTITB certified forklift training course, reach truck training course or simply want to know about how to get a forklift license, we can help you solve your every query regarding forklifts and forklift training.
For more information on forklift trucks visit RS Forklift Training Centres in Birmingham and West Midlands or find us on Google by typing “forklift training near me.”

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