Scissors Lift Training Course

Scissors lifts are incredibly dynamic structures that are used in a lot of indoor and outdoor facilities. They are utilized around the world on construction sites, manufacturing facilities, retail, and even in entertainment.

They are basically a kind of supported scaffold used to lift workers in their work environments, making several operations much easier. Typically, they are considered more user-friendly as compared to boom lifts. However, they do have certain risks associated with them.

Without a proper scissors lift training course, workers and operators can harm themselves and those around them. Our scissors lift training in Birmingham is designed to counter such hazards.

Who Should Take the Scissors Lift Training Course?   

The scissors lift training course is designed for workers in Birmingham who work close to any type of scaffolds including scissor lifts.

The course aims to focus on a range of topic areas including safety guidelines, laws and regulations and the controls and other technical aspects of the lift.

Organizations and businesses that utilize scissors lifts should consider enrolling their workers in this course to ensure the workers are duly trained to safely use a scissors lift. If not, the businesses could be penalized.

By the End of The Scissors Life Training Course, Here’s What the Workers Should Know

  • Safety standards and regulation
  • The basic and advanced controls (identification and usage)
  • Identification of hazards
  • The maintenance procedure for scissors lifts (including preventive maintenance)
  • Steering controls
  • Safe operating procedures and techniques
  • Use of emergency controls and protocol
  • Standard startup/shutdown process
  • Secure dismounting
  • Range of motion
  • Safe navigation around the worksite
  • Operating on slopes and other unusual terrains
  • Loading, unloading, moving, and lifting loads
  • Routine inspections of the lift
  • Evaluation standards of the worksite to identify potential risks for scissor lift accidents

These are some of the areas that workers would be exploring for the duration of the course, but they will also get some hands-on experience which will add to their learning.

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Our forklift training centre is customer-centric in every way, that’s why we provide the best forklift training courses in West Midlands at the most genuine prices in all of the U.K. so that no one misses out on a chance to learn a new skill and earn an honest and satisfying living.

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