Tips for Forklift Operators to Improve Their Resumes

Whether you’re a fresh candidate looking for your first warehouse forklifting job, or someone trying to grab a job opportunity with improved pay and benefits, there’s one thing you must do: Refine your resume.

Demonstrating relevant skills in one’s resume and making it specific to the job requirements is the primary goal of resume design. Potential candidates need to highlight their personal and professional attributes and the key skills that make them the right fit for a job.

As a forklift operator, manager, or navigator, and jobseeker must showcase their skillset, experience, and education. Let’s dig deeper and learn how you can refine your resume to secure the perfect forklift job.

1.   Highlight Work Experience

The first thing that employers look for in a forklift operator is past experience. Along with necessary training and certification, a forklift operator needs to have adequate experience in forklifting tasks.

For fresh candidates, this rule doesn’t apply. However, they must receive professional training, certification, and licenses to increase their chances of securing a job as a forklift operator. Since forklifts are essential yet complex equipment for material management, they should be handled with care and necessary safety SOPs.

This is where you can stand out on your resume by highlighting your relevant experience in handling material movement equipment. It can include anything from driving a forklift to maintaining a crane or optimizing engine fluids for reach trucks.

2.   Show Applicable Skillset

Next to the experience, candidates should highlight their specific skills for the job they’re applying for. Include any other skills that you think directly or indirectly links to forklift operations. For example, as a forklift operator, one should be able to manage stress, workplace pressure, and communication with other employees.

These skills are indirectly related to handling forklifts, and can be very beneficial in impressing the employers. To identify the applicable skillset, read the job description carefully and research. Assess your previous work experience and detect whether or not you’ve acquired any job-specific skills that can increase your chances for career progression.

3.   Highlight Forklift-Specific Capabilities

There are many critical aspects of managing, navigating, and driving a forklift. For example, an operator needs to assess forklift before and after every shift. Then they have to examine the control panel and ensure safe working conditions before turning the ignition on. And lastly, they must be able to understand weight and load limits to prevent slipups, overturns, material collisions, and employee injuries during the process.

These key responsibilities, when fulfilled properly, create a foolproof work environment. Highlighting your forklift-specific skills in the resume will help employers filter you as a potential candidate for the position.

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