Ways to Prolong a Forklift’s Useful Life

A forklift inside a warehouse facility

If you’re a business owner and want to reduce overall business cost, you must prolong your equipment’s life to avoid sudden breakdowns. A defective, poorly maintained, and inefficient forklift isn’t just bad for business productivity, it’s also extremely hazardous for the operator.

Forklift managers, operators, and controllers receive professional forklift training to understand forklift maintenance and upkeep. It’s necessary for aspiring forklift drivers and businesses to know different strategies to prolong a forklift’s useful life.

A forklift inside a warehouse facility

This blog will talk about forklift maintenance practices that can increase the vehicle’s useful life and effectiveness. So let’s get started!

How are Forklift Maintenance Issues Detected

Before you try to pull strategies to make your forklifts more productive, you need to learn how and when to identify potential malfunctions.

There are commonly two ways to detect any structural, hardware, or engine problem in a forklift:

1.    Inspections

Forklift operators and managers go through extensive forklift training in Birmingham. This programme includes a vital module that teaches you about forklift inspections. Not being able to thoroughly check a forklift before and after an operation can be quite dangerous.

At RS Forklift Training in Midland, we advise our students to check their forklifts during every work shift. This makes preventive maintenance way easier and helps operators identify any issues ahead of time for prompt repair.

2.    During Operation

Maintenance issues often surface during a forklift operation. Problems such as insufficient shock absorption, leakage, and overheating engine are common in forklifts. These issues, however, suggest that a forklift is in an unkempt condition and need immediate tuning.

Whenever an operator notices one of the above issues while operating a forklift, they must immediately turn off the ignition and park the vehicle in a safe spot for further inspection.

A forklift lifting wheat sacks in a warehouse

Now that you’re all brushed up about forklift problem detection, let us walk you through our two expert tips for forklift maintenance:

1.    Forklift Oil Renewal

At RS Forklift Training, our RTITB accredited instructors teach you all about forklift maintenance and hazard prevention strategies. While you may find them a bit daunting at first, we promise they’re not as difficult as you might think.

Our first, easy, and extremely beneficial tip is forklift oil renewal. It’s extremely important for forklift operators and managers to understand the importance of timely oil tuning. If you want to prolong your forklift’s lifespan, don’t overwork it.

A good way to keep it safe from combustion risk is to change the engine oil every three months. Otherwise, your forklifts may develop issues such as catalytic converter failure, corrosion, and sludge build-up.

2.    Staff Training

There’s no better way to increase your business productivity than by training your forklift operations staff.

Whether you own a warehouse or managing a construction project, you should ensure that all your forklift operating staff is trained by RTITB accredited instructors in the UK.

This not only helps them gauge potential forklift faults, but also teaches them different tips to avoid crashes and material loading issues, tip-overs, and more, increasing a forklift’s overall lifespan.

At RS Forklift Training, you can enjoy special discounts on beginner and novice forklift training in Midland.

Whether you’re looking for RTITB accredited forklift instructor courses or a one-day forklift refresher programme, contact us right away. Our qualified team of forklift instructors in the UK can help you optimize your workforce expertise and polish their on-site forklifting skills.

For more details, check out our services page today.

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