What is eTruck for Instructors? RTITB

What is eTruck for Instructors?

RTITB’s eTruck UK is an online platform for forklift theory training that utilises a captivating digital storytelling approach, incorporating elements such as images, audio, video, and text. This innovative method enhances the learning experience and aids in retaining information. Candidates can complete the self-paced eLearning at their own pace, promoting active rather than passive learning.

Previously, eTruck has been used for teaching the theory aspect of counterbalance lift truck and reach truck operator training. However, changes to the RTITB Lift Truck Instructor course eligibility now allow attendees to benefit from eTruck as well. The platform builds confidence in Instructor training candidates and enables them to complete the theory portion at home online, optimizing classroom time through a “flipped classroom” approach.

As a Lift Truck Instructor requires more than just the ability to operate a lift truck, the time saved by completing eTruck beforehand allows for a greater focus on honing instructor skills, such as asking questions, completing exercises, participating in role plays, and engaging in discussions. Upon successful completion of eTruck training, candidates arrive confident in their knowledge, ready to perform at a higher level during and after training, increasing their chances of passing the final Instructor exam.

eTruck also comes with a lifetime license, allowing Instructors to revisit the information library and keep their knowledge up to date, as the platform is regularly updated in accordance with regulations and legal requirements. For employers, introducing eTruck in Instructor training is a way to improve standards and secure high-quality Instructors. By dedicating training time to becoming an excellent Instructor, businesses can expect their employees to be highly engaged, as they appreciate being invested in through training.

Furthermore, by embracing technology and digital learning, businesses modernize their workplace for current and future generations of Lift Truck Instructors, which may help overcome the Lift Truck Instructor shortage. All these benefits are offered at an affordable price.

RTITB is committed to raising standards and, in addition to the requirement to complete eTruck training before RTITB Lift Truck Instructor training, further updates to the syllabus, including a modernized Lift Truck Instructor course, are in development to cater to different generations and learning styles and to benefit businesses and the industry as a whole.

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