What Skills Are Taught in A Forklift Safety Class?

A forklift at an industrial site

If you’re interested in becoming a forklift driver, there’s no better way to start than by getting RTITB certified. At RS Forklift Training, we offer operator and instructor-level courses that can help you become a pro at navigating bulky forklifts.

To get appointed as a forklift operator in a warehouse, commercial site, or construction company, you need to comply with the HSE guidelines. Since forklifts are the primary way of moving goods and materials, they also involve a massive injury risk.

Both employers and employees need to get trained and certified by an RTITB accredited forklift training company to reduce the risk of accidents.

A certified forklift trainer in Birmingham

In this blog, we’ve discussed all the skills taught during a forklift training course.

Forklift Operator Skills

A forklift training course at RS Forklift Training in Birmingham includes both in-class and on-site modules. Hands-on experience enables to-be forklift operators to understand real-life conditions that affect forklift safety and risks.

Without passing the necessary forklift driving skills tests, a candidate cannot receive the certificate. From lifting hydraulic gears to loading and off-loading, our UK-based forklift training courses encompass every nitty-gritty factor.

A forklift at an industrial site

During a forklift training course, you’re required to master the following skills:

  • Following safety and operational guidelines
  • Understanding forklift maintenance manuals and duly applying them
  • Identify the risks associated with operating forklifts
  • Holding the liable parties accountable during a forklift accident
  • Mastering vehicle and navigation controls
  • Detecting and rectifying potential hardware issues
  • Properly steering the vehicle without causing injurious collisions
  • Inspecting and monitoring vehicle components
  • Ensuring a forklift’s balance, stability, and condition

Forklift Operator Certification Importance

Operating a forklift in a confined or open space can be a demanding experience. The 1998 PUWER law stipulates that employers must get their operators trained and certified. They should ensure that forklift operators know how to properly use the equipment. Moreover, they must also know the ins and outs of minimizing accident risks and maintenance pitfalls.

A forklift, AKA industrial or lift trucks, required a person to operate from a seated position. They’re used to load, stack, and move bulky material from one point to another. Companies can offer RTITB accredited in-house and on-site forklift training programs that allow operators to work more efficiently.

In addition, a forklift training course also allows employers to evaluate and track an operator’s abilities and skills.

Hire Highly Trained Forklift Instructors in Birmingham

At RS Forklift Training, we also help employers evaluate employee skills before hiring them and allowing forklift operation. They can test candidates to observe their driving skills and their ability to work under pressure. Evaluating candidates on the job site gives a better outlook of their forklift skills.

If a desirable candidate doesn’t pass the evaluation test, you can get in touch with us to get them certified. Our Forklift Training Centre in Western Midlands offers counterbalance lift truck training, on-site forklift training, and refresher courses.

Learn more about our forklift training courses in Dudley, Telford, Moseley, and many other Western Midlands locations in the UK.


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