Who Is Responsible If a Forklift Accident Happens?

Several forklifts parked at a construction site

Forklifts are considered essential equipment at construction and industrial sites. Different types of forklifts such as stackers and tow tractors are widely used for lifting and moving bulky goods.

However, driving a forklift can be very daunting. They’re not safe, especially if your staff isn’t trained properly. Fatal accidents and injuries are common at construction sites and warehouses but holding an entity liable for a forklift accident can be very challenging.

A forklift driver in a warehouse

In this blog, we’ll help you identify all the potentially liable parties in a forklift accident.

The Forklift Operator

A forklift accident can occur due to the negligence of the operator. Construction companies can hold the operator liable if they failed to follow the proper forklift guidelines. Moreover, companies also need to ensure that their forklift drivers are trained and certified.

DUI can also be a reason to hold operators accountable for forklift accidents.

The Forklift Vendor

Forklift distributors, sellers, and vendors can be the accountable parties in a forklift accident. For example, if your vendor has provided substandard equipment, it can lead to injuries and fatalities. Moreover, vendors need to inform the buyers about proper maintenance routines to keep forklifts in optimal working conditions.

Several forklifts parked at a construction site

The Manufacturing Company

Forklift manufacturers can be held liable to pay the victim’s damages in a forklift accident. Selling defective product designs without complying with safety standards is a strong point to make manufacturers pay.

The Employer

In many cases, the employer who has rented or purchased forklifts can be held liable during an accident. Failing to train their employees and providing sufficient forklift training such as the RTITB Instructor course and on-site forklift training can lead to damage claims.

Moreover, employers need to enforce effective safety regulations, accredited forklift training sessions, and practical lift truck training classes to enhance operator performance.

The most common reasons forklift accidents happen include:

  • Overloading the forklift with more than permitted weight
  • Hitting an individual while operating a forklift
  • Improper loading and unloading
  • Missing out on safety precautions
  • Using a forklift to lift people or other valuable items instead of cargo
  • Not ensuring forklift friendly workplace design

Get Your Forklift Operators Trained and Certified Right Away!

Forklift training and certification in Birmingham is a primary way to ensure workplace safety and minimize accident risks.

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