Why Does Your Business Need Certified Forklift Operators?

An RTITB accredited instructor training forklift operators

Working at a warehouse or a construction site as a forklift operator requires complete forklift training.

If you’re looking hunting for forklift operators in Birmingham, we advise you to only choose licensed forklift staff members. They can help boost your business profits by reducing costs associated with forklift repair, maintenance, and injuries.

An RTITB accredited instructor training forklift operators

A trained forklift operator is a pro at identifying potential forklift pitfalls. They understand and follow forklift safety regulations and policies. Hence, it’s essential to hire licensed and trained forklift operators to increase workplace efficiency.

1.    Compliance

The first reason to hire licensed forklift operators is to ensure your business is compliant with forklifting policies and regulations. At RS Forklift Training, we teach you all about forklift and work safety laws in the UK.

A forklift loading tires on a truck

Henceforth, a trained and certified professional will know how to keep your equipment and employees safe from forklift hazards. Here are some of the factors that mandate a licensed forklift operator’s presence at the job site:

  • RTITB training is crucial for maintaining workplace safety
  • It’s important for forklift operators to understand the control and manoeuvring system of a forklift
  • Operators must have a three year-valid license to be able to operate a forklift at a commercial site.
  • Forklift operators can prevent business penalties.

In addition, if you’re looking for a reliable forklift training institute in Birmingham, RS Forklift Training is the answer. We can help your employees get certified in forklift operations. Let’s learn about the main reasons for having licensed forklift operators on board.

2.    Cost Reduction

Forklift accidents are expensive. From equipment damage to material loss and workers’ injuries, several things pile up for the business owner.

Moreover, employees can also claim injury compensations that can lead to court trials and long legal procedures. To prevent such workers’ comp and medical expenses, hire a licensed forklift operator who knows how to deal with forklift challenges. They can curate forklift maintenance schedules and take care of professional equipment tuning.

Why Should You Opt for RS Forklift Training in the UK?

At RS Forklift Training, we offer holistic forklift training courses in Midland. You can also become a forklift instructor by enrolling in our RTITB accredited forklift instructor training course.

Our forklift training program encompasses basic to advanced modules such as:

  • Pre-shift operational and visual assessment of forklifts to detect potential damages
  • Loading and unloading a forklift without exceeding the limit
  • Ensuring that operators and other workers are well aware of forklift safety signals and warnings
  • Proper ways of approaching and moving loads from one point to another
  • Handling and navigating forklifts in narrow and enclosed spaces
  • Manoeuvring forklift on slopes when loading trucks and trailers.

At RS Forklift Training, you can enjoy special discounts on beginner and novice forklift training in Midland.

Whether you’re looking for RTITB accredited forklift instructor courses or a one-day forklift refresher program, contact us right away. Our qualified team of forklift instructors in the UK can help your workforce polish their on-site forklifting skills.

For more details, check out our services page today.

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