Why Should You Get Trained by an RTITB Instructor?

Why Should You Get Trained by an RTITB Instructor?

RTITB quality forklift training from a qualified forklift instructor around Birmingham and the midlands is important for any materials handling industry employers. But, from our range of forklift Instructor training courses that are available, which should you choose? And what are the differences between them?

Firstly, an ‘experienced’ operator showing another driver “the ropes” is not enough. Cutting corners and failing to deliver the correct lift truck operator training with a suitably qualified Instructor compromises safety.

It could also have serious repercussions for your business in the event of an incident. Failure to prove that forklift training has been delivered in line with the Approved Code of Practice for Rider Operated Lift Truck guidance could lead to prosecution and fine from the HSE should an accident occur.

Benefits of RTITB MHE Instructor Courses

With RTITB Lift Truck Instructor courses, you can be confident that your Instructors have acquired the right level of skill, knowledge and understanding of the industry, the law, and health and safety requirements. This gives forklift Instructors the real-world skills they need to train others in safe operation and in turn aids compliance.

However, compliance isn’t the only factor that should encourage you to deliver quality Instructor training from the RTITB Instructor Academy. Our courses have been specially designed with your business in mind, so you could also benefit from damage avoidance, reduced costs, increased productivity and more.

Lift Truck Instructor Course with Independent Examination

One key benefit that sets the RTITB Forklift Instructor training course apart is that in order to become a qualified Lift Truck Instructor, candidates must not only attend the course, but also successfully complete an examination.

The exam, which covers operating skills, a theory paper and the candidate’s delivery of practical instruction, assesses:
Ability to operate a lift truck to a higher than average standard: Our Instructor course only permits a maximum of 25 penalties, rather than the standard amount of 40.

Underpinning knowledge: Not only the facts, but why certain things matter and what the implications can be of incorrect and unsafe practices

Ability to deliver practical training: Only those that can demonstrate and explain new skills safely and effectively will pass the exam

Ability to deliver classroom and theoretical training: Including lesson planning

How to carry out and train others to thoroughly inspect a lift truck prior to use: Correct pre-use inspection is vital for preventing incidents and ensuring safety.

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